My name is Matt Schloss, and like most of you all, I fell in love with airplanes and aviation when I was a kid. With the dream of being a professional pilot, I started taking lessons in southern Minnesota when I was 18. I worked my way up through all the ratings, earning my instrument, multi-, commercial, and CFI.

One thing I learned as an instructor is that I really like working with people and helping them achieve their goals. So, when it became clear that I wasn’t going to get that left-seat job with a major airline, I set my sites on using what I knew to build a career in aviation. That turned into an avionics sales job here at Gulf Coast Avionics 15 years ago.

Today, as GCA’s Sales Manager, I spend most of my time, whether in my office or at trade shows, talking to aircraft owners and pilots. How cool is that?

Our conversations range from the newest avionics and systems for their aircraft, all the way through tips on the latest accessories like iPad mounts and apps, headsets, portable ADS-B units – you name it.

Another thing I really enjoy is working with owners of all kinds of aircraft ranging from Cessna 150s, to Citations, to warbirds, to helicopters, to plan their dream avionics upgrades. While planning the installation is fun, the real payoff is seeing the owner’s face when they take delivery.

Anyway, during a recent phone conversation, my customer said, “Matt, with all of your experience as a pilot and with avionics, I’m sure a lot of other people would benefit from your perspective. You should write a blog…”

I didn’t give it any more thought. But, Gulf Coast Avionics’ owner, Rick Garcia, heard about it and said, “Great idea. It’ll give you something to do between meetings … ” What a guy!

So, here’s our new blog, Plane Speak.

I’m going to use it to share the same information and answer the same questions I provide every other GCA customer. I’m hoping it will be educational, informative, and simply fun – for both of us. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for topics, please send them to me at:

Until next time, fly safely and have fun.

— Matt

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