Everybody loves the end-of-the-year awards. Whether we bought the most popular product – yeah for me – or are looking to buy a new whatever it is, we want to know what’s the number-one seller in each category. There’s strength in numbers.  

So, without further ado, let’s countdown Gulf Coast Avionics’ top 5 selling products for 2020. May I have the envelopes please?

#5: Garmin GFC 500 Digital Autopilot:

As I wrote in a recent blog, updating your autopilot is probably the best overall investment an owner can make to their aircraft. And the number one autopilot upgrade we do here at Gulf Coast Avionics is the Garmin GFC 500.

While the GFC 500 is designed for piston singles, it delivers many of the same high-end capabilities found in Garmin’s turbine autopilots. Top of the list is the system’s Envelope Stability and Protection capability. Couple that with the return-to-level mode, and the GFC 500’s “blue button” is there to help keep your world right-side up.

#4: Honeycomb Aeronautical flight simulator products:

The proverbial silver lining for the work-from-home mandate many of us faced during the 2020 COVID pandemic has been that sim pilots have been able to enjoy some serious stick time. You know who you are.

Because most people buy these types of products in sets, we’re splitting the number four position into two parts. The four A winner is the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Control, and four B is the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Control:
Whether you’re a serious simmer or a student pilot, the Honeycomb Alpha delivers an array of great features that will bring a higher level of realism to your simulator sessions. It features aerospace-grade components with buttons and switches for “push-to-talk, master, alternator, and avionics.” The Alpha has the look and feel of a real yoke. The system comes with drivers and configuration software for both OS and PC systems.  

Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant:

No matter if you’re “flying” a Cessna 172 or a Boeing 747, the Bravo delivers the most realistic simulation possible. The flexible throttle quadrant can be configured to match everything from a light single to a four-engine aircraft. Along with providing full-engine controls, including thrust reversers, the Bravo also supports a variety of cockpit systems including autopilots, annunciator panels, as well as landing gear, flap, and trim switches. 

#3: Lightspeed ZULU Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset with a special holiday bonus!

As we discussed in an earlier blog, we sell a lot of headsets, and Lightspeed’s ZULU 3 is a consistent top performer. Of course, that’s no surprise. Along with being exceptionally comfortable, it delivers a lot of amazing features and capabilities like advanced active noise canceling, which reduces outside noise and fatigue, dual aperture microphone for clear voice transmissions, ComPriority so you never miss a call from ATC, free FlightLink recording app for OS that automatically records the last COM, Auto Shutoff, and much more. 

ZULU 3 Holiday Bonus!

Lightspeed is offering a $50 Sirius/MX gift card, and a free set of ANR earbuds (a great gift for the kids!) with ZULU 3 purchase through December 26th.  

#2: Garmin area 760 Portable Touchscreen GPS Navigator:

Tablets have become the “must-have” tool for every pilot, and the Garmin area 760 is purpose-built for the job. With a ruggedized case, large, sunlight-readable, seven-inch touchscreen, the area 760 puts everything you need for improved situational awareness and safer flying in the palm of your hand.

Some of the aera 760’s top features are 3D vision, Garmin View Synthetic Vision, SafeTaxi, Smart Airspace, Terrain Alerting. TargetTrend Tracking, ADS-B Datalinks, and so much more.  

#1: And the 2020 GCA Product of the Year winner is…

Gulf Coast Avionics’ number one avionics product for 2020 is the Garmin GI 275 Electronic Multi-Function Instrument. As I discussed in an earlier blog, the amazing new GI 275 is Garmin’s Swiss army knife of instruments. With a long list of capabilities and functions, they do so much more than just replace your old “six-pack” instruments.

Thanks to Garmin’s ingenuity, they bring so much more to that 3.125-inch circle of panel space. With the right input sources, the GI 275 can be configured to act as everything from a standard attitude indicator, to a dedicated engine display, to a multi-function display with maps, traffic, or weather.


As always, if you have any questions about our Top 5 or about any of your avionics gift-giving needs, give me a call at 863.709.9714 (x 112). I’m here to help.


Until next time, fly safely and have fun,


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