Gulf Coast Avionics Completes G600 TXi Installation in King Air C90A
Monday, May 7, 2018

State-of-the-art Garmin 10.6” G600 TXi touchscreen display, GTN 750GPS/COM/NAVs and ADS-B Out/In transponder,greatly improve the legacy King AirC90A’s capabilities while lowering pilot workload and increasing operationalsafety.

Lakeland, FL (May 07, 2018) — Rick Garcia, President and CEO, Gulf Coast Avionics announced that thecompany has completed its first Garmin G600 TXi glass touchscreen avionics upgradeon a Beechcraft King Air C90A.

“Garmin has long been the leader in King Air glass panelupgrade solutions and this new G600 TXi touchscreen raises the bar evenhigher,” Garcia said. “We have completed a lot of King Air upgrades, but in myopinion this is the best of the bunch.”

"The G600 TXi is an amazing piece of technology,” he said.“The pilot can easily configure the display to meet their exact preference,which greatly increases situational awareness while reducing pilot workload andstress, especially in single-pilot, IFR conditions.”

“Everything from the pilot’s side to the center stack is newexcept for the analog engine instruments,” stated Matt Schloss, Sales Manager,Gulf Coast Avionics. “Our engineering team did a great job designing the newcustom, all-metal panel and integrating all of the Garmin avionics.”

“From the left seat, you’d never know this King Air C90A isover 16 years old,” he said. When you look at all the capabilities we have installed,the owner is getting an airplane that is equipped to serve his needs foranother 16 years at least.”

The Gulf Coast Avionics King Air C90A G600 TXi touchscreenupgrade includes:

• Garmin 10.6” G600 TXi touchscreen glass EFIS

• Dual Garmin GTN 750 touchscreen GPS/COMM/NAVs

• Mid-Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM)

• Garmin GMA 35c Remote Audio Panel

• Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B Out/In Transponder

• Garmin GTX 335 ADS-B Out Transponder

• Garmin Flight Stream 510 Connext Interface

• Garmin GSR 56 Global Iridium Satellite Datalink


“Another benefit to the Garmin upgrade is the greatlyincreased reliability of the avionics as well as the reduction in theaircraft’s gross weight,” Schloss said. “During the installation we were also ableto remove all of the old vacuum plumbing and gauges along with a stack of old wiring,all of which can lead to escalating maintenance costs and aircraft downtime.”

“This new panel is another excellent example of how modern Garminavionics technology is enabling legacy turboprop aircraft to continue toprovide reliable and safe transportation at a relatively affordable price,”Garcia said. “I’m extremely proud of our team’s contribution to making allaircraft safer and easier to fly.”

Gulf Coast Avionics was appointed the first Garmin avionicsdealer in 1990 and has received Garmin’s prestigious Platinum Award for leadingsales for 28 consecutive years.

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