Gulf Coast Avionics Completes Cessna Citation Upgrade
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

GULF COAST Avionics Announces ithas completed a dual Garmin GTN750 Touchscreen and ADS-B Out/in upgrade in aCESSNA Citation CJ2


State-of-the-art Garmin dual touchscreenGTN 750 GPS/COMM/NAV/MFDs and ADS-B transponders provide next-generationcapabilities, while lowering pilot workload and increasing operational safety.


Lakeland, FL (August 01, 2018)  — Rick Garcia, President and CEO, Gulf CoastAvionics announced that the company has completed a dual touchscreen Garmin GTN750 GPS/COMM/NAV/MFD and dual Garmin ADS-B transponder installation in a 1997Cessna Citation CJ2.


“This installation is a fantastic example of how an ownercan add significant operational, situational awareness and safety capabilitiesto a legacy business aircraft, without the significant cost and downtime of atotal panel upgrade,” Garcia said. “We were able to accomplish all that theowner wanted, including engineering and fabricating new pilot-side and centerinstrument panels, on time and on budget.”


“Working with the Jettech GTN STC, this was a ratherstraightforward upgrade to the Citation’s legacy analog radios,” stated GulfCoast Avionics’ Sales Manager, Matt Schloss. “Probably the biggest challengewas the integration of the new Garmin avionics with the Citation’s HoneywellEFIS displays and the analog autopilot and weather radar.”

“The STC had all of the primary system integration instructions covered, butevery time you open up the panel of a 21-year old airplane, you may well be infor a surprise,” he said. “Fortunately, this Citation was in exceptionalcondition so there were just a few unexpected issues.”



The Gulf Coast Avionics Cessna Citation CJ2 touchscreenupgrade includes:

• Dual Garmin touchscreen GTN 750 GPS/COMM/NAV/MFD units

• Garmin GMA 35c Remote Audio Panel

• Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B Out/In Transponder

• Garmin GTX 335 ADS-B Out Transponder

• Garmin Flight Stream 510 Connext Interface

• Fabricating and painting new metal pilot-side andcenter instrument panels.


“The owner is extremely pleased with how the airplane turnedout,” Garcia said. “He primarily flies it single-pilot and is very happy tohave the added workload reducing and safety enhancing features that the newGarmin touchscreen avionics offer. This upgraded Citation will efficiently meethis travel needs for years to come.”


Gulf Coast Avionics was appointed the first Garmin avionicsdealer in 1990 and has received Garmin’s prestigious Platinum Award for leadingsales for 28 consecutive years.

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