2101 I/O Approach Plus

2101 I/O Approach Plus

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Airborne IFR GPS Navigation Management System

The FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus integrates seamlessly into the aircraft's flight control systems and cockpit instrumentation to automate the navigation management functions. Certified to TSO-C 129 (A 1), this premium navigation management system is designed for supplemental enroute, terminal, and approach IFR operations as well as European B-RNAV applications.

The FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus has been designed to minimize pilot workload, especially during execution of approach procedures. Flying an approach is as simple as identifying the airport, selecting the approach and flying direct to each sequenced waypoint. The pilot is automatically prompted to enable the approach at 30 NM from the destination airport, an action that takes a single press of the Enter Key. All system functions required during the approach are automatically selected; all messages are automatically presented and removed. This improved GPS system extends the automatic sequencing features of the FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach to provide more intuitive course guidance throughout the entire approach to landing. No pilot actions are required to interrupt and reactivate waypoint sequencing when navigating through procedure turns or holding patterns. If a missed approach is required, the pilot selects the Direct-to Key when located anywhere from inside the final approach fix (FAF) to beyond the missed approach point (MAP). At the heart of the FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus is a 12-channel GPS receiver that greatly enhances the rejection of jamming and interference from comm radios. The FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus continuously checks accuracy using Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) and predicts RAIM conditions for the approach arrival time.

When integrated with an optional air data computer, the FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus will display true air speed, density altitude, and pressure altitude. It also calculates and displays winds aloft and applies current wind to ETE and ETA calculations. Moreover, the Free Flight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus is recognized as having an easy to use emergency search function. Another notable feature is the protection provided to the configuration settings from inadvertent changes by the operator. Swapping regional navigation data base cards or data card updates can be handled while in flight. The same card slot can be used for flash memory updating of future software enhancements, thereby minimizing the cost and complexity of new features. With less than five percent surface light reflection, information is readable even in direct sunlight. Installation of the FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus is straightforward. Only four external annunciators are required: Message (MSG), Waypoint (WPT), Approach (APR), and Hold (HLD). Connection to an external CDI/HSI for navigation and autopilot interface is available. Expensive resolver interfacing is not required, resulting in substantially reduced installation cost. The FreeFlight Systems 2101 1/0 Approach Plus can be ordered with a comprehensive training program that familiarizes the pilot with the system's functionality.


  • Suitable for certain ADS-B applications
  • User friendly, simple display with intuitive operating procedures
  • Primary means oceanic/remote operations
  • Simplified course reversal procedures
  • ETE/ETA corrected for current winds
  • Non-volatile storage of Flight ID settings
  • Ultra high contrast display for maximum sunlight readability
  • Search and rescue software

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