Lombardy Sunglasses
Rob Holland Special Edition Sports Wrap
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Manufacturer: VedaloHD
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VedaloHD is proud to have developed a new indestructible frame style called the Lombardy that incorporates our breakthrough frame technology called Stritanium. It has unparalleled strength, visionary design and patented technology. 

This frame technology was developed by a team of European scientists who developed a breakthrough technology enabling them to fuse Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium. The resulting material was extremely light, durable and flexible. This indestructible precision engineered frame technology has now been trademarked by VedaloHD as Stritanium™ Indestrucatble frames.

Stritanium frames utilize German engineering for precision laser cuts. These handmade Stritanium frames also use a patented screw-free hinge technology which means they are as durable as they are strong. Tests revealed that even after 300,000 rotations, no changes took place in the hinges’ structure or appearance.All this brawn also creates a great new look that weighs in at only 18 grams, making them the ideal eyewear for athletes and active individuals.


Felt-Lined Smash-Proof Clamshell Case

The Signature Line comes with a hard clamshell case that has a spring hinge for easy opening and closing


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

In order to ensure your VedaloHD sunglasses get the care they need, we include both a protective carrying case and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/tote with every pair. VedaloHD sunglasses are also treated with a powerful scratch resistant coating on the front and the back of the lens. Using t-shirts, paper towels or other cloths can rub off this coating over time, making your lens more susceptible to scratching.

Please always use only the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/tote provided with your sunglasses to clean them as this will ensure maximum lens life and keep your lenses operating in optimal condition.

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