skyBeacon ADS-B System


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Manufacturer: uAvionix
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Product Features

skyBeacon is a 2020 compliant, near zero-install, Class B1S ADS-B UAT transmitter integrated into a wing tip position light.

An internal wireless monitor decodes replies from legacy Mode C and Mode S transponders.

For Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft”… “Certified Aircraft version coming Feb 2018

Integrated uAvionix FYX WAAS GPS.

14 CFR §91.227 compliant.

Smart phone configurable over WiFi.



UAT Transmitter

·      Meets the performance requirements of TSO-154c Class B1S. RTCA DO-282B Class B1S

Position Light

·      Meets performance requirements of TSO-C30c Type I


·       Integrated RAIM processor for Security and Integrity protection

·       SBAS corrections and health messages used to detect and correct satellite range errors

·       Satellite pseudo range step errors detected and excluded

·       SBAS fast and long-term corrections applied

Transponder Reply Monitor

·       Wireless altitude and squawk monitor


·     Pending certification via approved model list (AML) for STC'd installation on hundreds of aircraft makes and models


What’s in the box?

1- SkyBeacon with pre-installed Silicone gasket

1- Hardware Pack including

                3x 6-32 x 1-1/4” Pan Head Stainless Steel Screws

                5x O-ring (Screw Seals)

                3x Wire crimps

1- Instruction Manual


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