ME406 406 MHz ELT

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Manufacturer: ARTEX

ME406 406 MHz ELT

The ME406 is a 406 MHz ELT that will transmit on 121.5 and 406.028 MHz. Some key features of the new ME406 include a weight of 2 pounds; a mechanical footprint compatible with all Artex and some other ELT footprints. The ME406 features a small overall size and single antenna output feeding a wire whip antenna that transmits on both frequencies.


  • Operates on 121.5, 243, and 4-6 MHz frequencies with worldwide coverage
  • Compatible with the ELT to navigation interface, which enables latitude and longitude data to be transmitted as part of the 406 MHz message
  • Equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery with a five-year life
  • System versions listed below included install kits

This variant of the G406-4 ELT (EDMO# 455-5019) includes:

  • G406-4 transmitter (453-5012)
  • Install Kit (455-7421)
  • NAV Remote Switch Install Kit (455-6196)
  • Remote Switch (345-6196-04)
  • Mounting Tray (452-0227)
  • Rod Antenna (110-320)
  • Buzzer (130-4004)
  • LiMnO2 5 year battery
  • Operation/Install Manual


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