BXP 6403


BXP 6403

Mode-S Transponder

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The BXP6403-2-(01) is a compact and lightweight single block Mode-S transponder. It is certified according to ETSO-2C112a and is suited for VFR and IFR operations up to 50000 feet.

The transponder is equipped with extended squitter and SI code function and it provides an interface to the central aircraft data system. It allows ELS, supports EHS, as well as ADS-B via extended squitter.

The Mode S ICAO address and additional fixed data are stored in a separate address module, AM6400-1-(01), which is plugged on to the transponder and remains in the aircraft when the transponder is exchanged.

The BXP6403-2-(01) is designed for slide-in mounting (tray available) and fits into a 160.3 x 41.28 mm cut out. The use of an adapter (available as accessory) allows for retrofit in a KT 76 A tray.

Panel inscriptions and sunlight readable display can be illuminated and dimmed for night operation. The display shows the actual settings.

The range of power supply voltage and the low power consumption make this transponder suitable for a wide range of aircraft.

The transponder is prepared for the connection of blind encoders from different manufacturers. The encoder can be connected to the transponder by a serial or parallel interface.

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