GCA-ANR Stereo/Mono ANR Headset

GCA-ANR Stereo/Mono ANR Headset

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Manufacturer: Gulf Coast Avionics

Gulf Coast Avionics ANR Headset

This ANR headset is the perfect entry-level stereo/mono ANR headset.  With automatic shutoff and cell phone/ music interface, you get many features of the higher-end ANR headsets at a fraction of the cost.  Using two AA batteries, you can expect 30-40 hours of useful life for the ANR.  Leatherette-style ear seals and the included ear seal covers make this a comfortable and quiet headset.

  • Cell Phone Interface

  • Music Interface

  • Stereo/Mono

  • Additional 12 to 14dB active noise reduction

  • Mic Cover & Cloth Ear Covers

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

  • Weight 19 oz.

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  • Hello. I just purchased the GCA ANR headset and have some questions: 1) What is the difference between the Stereo/Mono and what is the implication? In my last flight, it was set for "Stereo", but radio calls were only audible in the left ear. Why this happened? 2) How the "automatic shutoff" feature works? The headset comes with an On/Off button. Should I leave it On at all times? It works even when not plugged in, so it should drain batteries, right? Thanks! Best regards Pedro

    Thank you for the questions.

    1) Stereo/Mono is the type of audio system that is in the aircraft. The switch allows you to use the headset with either system. If you are only hearing out of one ear, switch from Stereo to Mono. Headset will then work as it should. A Stereo headset will not work with a mono system, and you will only hear out of one ear.

    2) Auto shutoff will turn the headset off after 5 minutes of non-use. It is a good habit thought to shut down the headset when you are not using to save the batteries.

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