KTX2 Standard

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KTX2 Standard

The newly developed KTX2 is a superlight, compact, mode S transponder with low power consumption and a high-grade TFT color display. As a Class 1 transponder with an operating range of up to 30,000 ft. and 250 kn, it is not only ideal for just gliders, experimentals, ultralights and balloons, but also for a large number of GA aircraft up to 5.7 metric tons MTOW (VFR and IFR). The KTX2 provides maximum possible safety, since in addition to the Squawk, also the flight level and an unambiguous 24-bit-identification which is allocated to the particular aircraft is transmitted. Furthermore the air traffic control is able to send requests to particular transponders. With this, the KTX2 makes a remarkable contribute to flight safety.

The TQ-KTX2-S.V2 Mode-S transponder for standard 57 mm formats is one of the most modern transponders on the market, featuring low power consumption in a lightweight, compact form.
A brilliant, sunlight-suitable TFT color display, compatibility with the ADS-B Out 2020 Mandate, and intuitive operation result in an excellent price-to-performance ratio. The KTX2's exclusive loop-through antenna eliminates the need to install a second antenna for any ADS-B In hardware.

The Advantages at a Glance

• Extremely low weight of only 390 grams – ideal for gliders and ultralights

• Very compact dimensions – for easy and flexible installation

• Minimum power consumption – perfect for battery operation in gliders and balloons

• Large, high-contrast, long-life TFT color display for maximum readability – even in direct sunlight

• Intuitive operation – developed by pilots for pilots

• Excellent price/performance ratio – Made in Germany

Equipment designed for the present and the future KTX2 – Technology at its finest

• Built-in, high-precision, temperature-compensated altitude encoder for connection to the static port

• RS232 interface • Firmware upgrade option

• Connecting a suitable GPS receiver for output of position data (extended squitter) for ADS-B is possible

• ETSO/TSO-C166b approval (complex aircraft/USA) pending


General data/basic data


  • approx. 380 g (0,84 lbs)


  • Standard: 63 x 62 x 149 mm (2,5 x 2,4 x 5,86“) Ø 57mm (2,25“) detail

Technical data

Operating voltage:

  • 9 - 30 V DC

Transmission power:

  • ≥ 24 dBW (250 W)

Transmission frequency:

  • 1.090 ± 1 MHz

Operating temperature:

  • -20°C ... +55°C


  • 6 g operation, 20 g break resistance

Max. Operating height:

  • 30.000 ft

Max. Speed:

  • 250 kt / 463 km/h / 287 mph


  • Mode-S Transponder Class 1 Level 2els

Power consumption:

  • 0.2 - 1.0 A (depending on the number of queries)





  • ETSO-C112d, ETSO-C88a / TSO-C112d, TSO-C88a, EUROCAE ED-26, EUROCAE ED-14F, EUROCAE ED-12C; EUROCAE ED-73E, RTCA DO-181E, ETSO-C166b / TSO-C166b (ADS-B out)
  • Software: RTCA DO-178C / ED12C Level D
  • Hardware: RTCA DO-254 / ED80 Level C


  • RTCA DO-160G / ED-14G
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  • Good morning Does it includ al parts (antena,cable...) that are needed for instalation? I'm in the us naw. If i make an order is it posible to ship it to oshkosh wi before next fridey the 12 nov 2021?

    The unit will come with the connector kit. Antenna, cables, and wiring are all additional parts. Call our sales reps at (863) 709-9714 and they can help with additional parts that you may need.