Audio Panel w/ 6-Place Built-In Stereo Intercom & Marker Beacon

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Manufacturer: PS ENGINEERING


  • IntelliVox constantly adjusts the squelch threshold on each microphone input, differentiating between cabin noise and human speech.
  • AirCell connectivity for FCC-approved cellular communications.
  • Dual high-fidelity stereo inputs provide independent entertainment sources to passengers and crew.
  • 6-pole microphone filter for clearer communications.
  • <1% total harmonic distortion at rated transmission power provides highest fidelity.
  • Automatic stereo/mono switching.
  • 14 years of aircraft cabin experience.
  • Two split modes for greater pilot flexibility.
  • Swap mode annunciation of remotely switched pilot communication.
  • Front panel control of external power amplifier and speakers.
  • Positive-action buttons provide tactile response.
  • Backlit button legends offer enhanced nighttime viewing.
  • LED indicators provide annunciation of the selected mode.
  • Latching receiver buttons present unambiguous mode identification even in bright sunlight.
  • Removable buttons allow for custom configurations such as dual ADF installation.
  • Auxiliary receiver input accommodates an additional switched audio source.
  • Cellular telephone interface enables on-ground communications.
  • Telephone distribution selector supports private or conference calls.


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