KI 208 VOR/LOC Indicator (Pre-owned)

Part No: OH-KI-208 (R)

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The KI-208 is King's standard current production VOR/LOC Indicator. With a KI-208, you can add a quality King indicator to your panel at a reasonable price. This indicator uses a pendulum meter movement.

The King KI-208's features include:

  • Built-in VOR/LOC converter
  • Plastic bezel and lens
  • Internal lighting

The King KI-208 may be used with the following equipment:

  • KX-155 NAV/COMM (without Glideslope) - 14V or 28V
  • KX-155A (without Glideslope), 28 V only
  • KN-53 NAV Receiver (without Glideslope)
  • KX-170B NAV/COMM
  • KX-175B NAV/COMM
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