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The RA-4500 Radar Altimeter provides the pilot with highly accurate altitude above-ground-level (AGL) information from 2,000 feet down to zero feet. This real-time system offers an extra measure of operational safety during approaches and night operations. Its patented "anti-rotor-modulation" capability prevents altitude wandering while hovering. The RA-4500 radar altimeter consists of a remote unit and dual antennas for greater accuracy. The ARINC 429 outputs allow seamless integration with other onboard equipment such as flight director systems. The RA-4500 may be purchased with the RAD-40 indicator.

Trustworthy & Reliable

Trustworthy and reliable solution for commercial and non-scheduled rotorcraft looking for an affordable but effective single install solution for their aircraft.

Small & Lightweight

Small, lightweight, and straightforward retrofit install

Interfaces with Displays

Interfaces with installed cockpit displays or optional standalone RAD-40 and RAD-45 display indicators for smooth and accurate LED AGL readings

Robust, Reliable, & Rugged

Robust, reliable, and rugged enclosure designed for use in mission-critical and military environments

Multi-Interface Design

Supports RS-485/422, RS-232, and ARINC 429 for easy-to-install adoption onboard for rotorcraft, fixed-wing, & unmanned aircrafts.

TSO & ETSO Certified

The DAL B-rated RA-4500 radar altimeter is certified to TSO-C87 and ETSO-2C87 and is approved to DO-160E and DO-178B Level C.

  • Radar Altimeter System (TSO-C87)
  • RA-4500 consists of a remote unit and dual antennas
  • Shipset includes RA-4500 system & RAD-40 control
  • ARINC 429 Output, EFIS interface
  • Version available with FTG-410 Tone Generator
    • Gives pilots important audio alerts when operating at low altitude, at night, over water or rough terrain when there are few visual cues to the surface, landscape or flight path
  • Provides dependable, accurate above-ground-level (AGL) information
  • Valuable for flying search and rescue missions, forestry operations, pipeline maintenance, off shore helicopter ops, helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), other aero-medical emergency services, border patrol, and electronic news gathering operations
  • ARINC 429 output that can be easily coupled with EFIS, flight director systems, and TAWS
  • Suited for a broad range of fixed & rotary wing aircraft
  • Designed for applications such as helicopter and seaplane operations where accuracy is needed down to zero feet
  • Provides precise AGL information from 2500 feet down to ground level
  • Lightweight, easy to install with flexible aircraft placement
  • Compatible with FreeFlight Systems RAD-40 Radar Altimeter Display
  • Optional NVG compatible display
  • Meets Precision Equipment output specification of TSO-C87 & ETSO-2C87
  • Increased pilot safety
  • Software zero calibration
ALTITUDE RANGE: -20 to 2500 ft POWER REQUIREMENTS: 20 - 36 VDC; 400 mA MAX @ 28 VDC
ENVIRONMENTAL: -67°F to +158°F; Alt: 50,000 ft DIMENSIONS: 3.06"H x 3.15"W x 6.78"L
WEIGHT: Unit: 1.9 lbs Ant (2): 0.37 lbs TRANSMITTER POWER:  100 mW minimum out of transmitter
FREQUENCY: Frequency modulated continuous wave 4.3 GHz center frequency sweep, 4.25 to 4.35 GHz UPDATE RATE: 25 times/sec 
ALTITUDE ACCURACY: 0 to 100 ft ± 3 ft 100 to 500 ft ± 3% 500 to 2500 ft ± 5% DISPLAY DISABLE: Strut switch inputs
SELF TEST: Power-on self test & recurring built-in test INPUTS: Strut Switch 
OUTPUTS: RS-485/422, RS-232C FAA: TSO-C87 Precision Equipment
SOFTWARE: DO-178B, Level C

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