System 30

Two Axis Autopilot w/ Altitude Hold

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The System 30 two axis autopilot incorporates the programmer, computer, mode annunciator and turn command knob all in the turn other panel space is needed! Both systems provide roll stabilization, turn command, heading pre-select when interface to heading DG or HSI, and will track VOR, GPS, and localizer. Fits standard 3-1/8" hole.

  • Lighted 3” Turn Coordinator / Roll Axis Computer
  • Remote Pitch Axis Computer
  • Turn Command in “ST” Stabilizer Mode
  • HDG Preselect & Hold (HDG SYSTEM NOT INCLUDED)
  • Altitude Hold with Remote Engage / Disengage Switch
  • Low and High Gain VOR/LOC/GPS Tracking
  • Pitch Trim Annunciation

This two axis autopilot combines Altitude Hold with the roll axis functionality of the System 20. It is designed to provide an economical solution for aircraft owners who need Altitude Hold, but don't want the additional functions of pitch command, vertical speed control or GS coupling.

  • Independent system does not require interfacing to the altimeter or attitude gyro; derives all input from solid state absolute pressure transducer and accelerometer.
  • Compact, remote mounted pitch computer and amplifier.
  • When engaged, smoothly holds existing altitude; can be activated during climb or descent.

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  • Is the s Tec 30 approved for a Cessna 150?if not what system would be approved

    The STEC 30 is approved for the Cessna 150G, 150H, 150J, 150K, 150L, 150M, A150K, A150L, A150M, F150G, F150H, F150J, F150K, F150L, F150M, FA150K, FA150L, FRA150L, and FRA150M. 

    Currently, this is the only system certified for the Cessna 150.

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