System 40

System 40


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The S-Tec System 40 from Gulf Coast Avionics features a separate turn coordinator and programmer/computer. Heading pre-select is optional by adding a heading DG or HSI. It works with standard 3ATI hole. Included is turn command with up to 90% standard rate turn, VOR/localizer/back course Intercept and tracking, and GPS tracking. Heading pre-select is optional by adding a heading DG or HSI. Only now from Gulf Coast Avionics.


  • Control wheel altitude hold select
  • GPSS (GPS. Steering) converter
  • DG / HSI compatible
  • Manual electric trim (where STC’d)
  • Yaw Damper

* *Operational if heading system (e.g., DG with heading bug) is installed and active.


  • Ready - Indicates A/P ready status and reliable gyro speed.
  • Multi-function control knob - Turn command, or push to select heading hold or roll stabilization mode
  • Roll stabilization mode - Holds wing level and enables command knob for A/P commanded turns up to 90% standard rate.
  • NAV/LOC/GPS tracking -Dual gain NAV for en route tracking and smooth station passage.
  • APR for GPS en route, and LOC, VOR & GPS approaches
  • REV for backcourse approaches
  • Mode selector buttons

Available Options

  • Control Wheel Altitude Engage / Disengage
  • Manual Electric Trim
  • GPSS Converter

SYSTEM 40 consists of the Programmer/Computer, Turn Coordinator, Roll and Pitch Servo, and Absolute Pressure Transducer. Includes mounting hardware and harness. Optional Directional Gyro priced separately. System 50 is available for 13.75 or 27.5 Vdc operation. FAA TSO approved.

  • Additional Labor Necessary to Remove Existing Autopilot System
  • Heading System Not Included


  • 3” ATI panel-mounted
  • Internal lighting
  • Roll axis computer three ATI case-contained
  • Heading preselect and hold**
  • Turn command in “STB” roll stabilization mode
  • Low and high gain VOR/LOC/GPS tracking (track only)
  • Back course (REV) mode

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