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UBG-16 Ultimate Bar Graph Engine Analyzer

The Ultimate Bar Graph is simply that – the Ultimate. No other bar graph in the industry comes close to offering the options available for the UBG-16. It is a sophisticated instrument with unique features designed to provide pilots with a unique tool for detecting engine problems in their earliest stages and assisting you in operation your engine safely and economically. The UBG-16-4G-MEM and the UBG-16-6G-MEM are intended for aircraft with a primary CHT already installed. One of the included CHT probes is replaced with a P-102-3/8 Piggyback CHT Probe that sits between the Primary CHT Probe and the cylinder being monitored.

FAA Approved Aircraft EGT and CHT Gauges Instrument

  • STC’d and PMA’d
  • Upgrade your aircraft panel with the ultimate bar graph instrument.

Easy To Install & Adaptable

  • The UBG-16 fits into your existing 2 1/4″ hole.
  • 16 input channels, the first 1-7 channels can be configured to monitor EGT/CHT. If the 7th bar is not selected to monitor EGT/CHT, it can be selected to monitor oil temp or TIT. The remaining open channels can be configured to monitor a multitude of alternative engine functions.

Accurate, Dependable & Easy To Use

  • Electronics International consistently has been a leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.
  • Designed and built in the USA.

Engine Analysis Performed Automatically

  • 16 Pilot-programmable over-temp limits, 16 under-temp limits, a differential limit, and a shock-cooling limit.
  • Data recording included with every package.
    • Pilot-programmable redlines for alerting pilots of engine troubles.
    • Data recording for flight information reviews.
    • In-flight engine diagnostics information.
    • Differential and shock cooling alarms.
    • Hands-free leaning assistance, long-term normalized mode.
    • Completely scalable EGT bars
    • Array of functions available to monitor.
    • Features
      The UBG-16 arrives complete with pilot-programmable redlines for alerting pilots of engine troubles, data recording for flight information reviews, in-flight engine diagnostics information, differential and shock cooling alarms, hands-free leaning assistance, long-term normalized mode, completely scalable EGT bars, and an array of functions available to monitor. With the UBG-16 installed in your aircraft, you will have up-to-date information about your engine at all times.

      The UBG-16 comes with 16 customizable inputs. These inputs are capable of accepting the live data output from EI’s function modules. The wide variety of available function modules allows you to keep an eye on all critical engine parameters. Choose between RPM, Manifold Pressure, Gyro Vacuum, Volts, Amps, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure and Fuel Flow.

      The UBG-16 comes complete with programmable alarms for each individual input channel. This means pilots have the capability to set unique upper and lower alarms for each cylinder. The ability to individually set redlines for your EGT’s and CHT’s is absolutely critical, as some engines have cylinders with substantially different operating ranges from one another. Just because cylinder number 4 might have a redline of 1350 does not mean Cylinder 1 has the same redline. Other manufactures claim otherwise, because their instruments do not have this ability to set individual redlines.

      More Alarms
      On top of the already impressive individual redline programmability, the UBG-16 comes complete with a CHT shock-cooling limit, and an EGT differential limit. Shock cooling will alert you if your cylinders exceed a cooling rate that could result in thermal shock. The EGT differential alarm will keep an eye out for rogue EGT’s that may be an indication of a larger problem occurring in your engine.

      With the UBG-16’s full suite of alarms, you will be alerted to most problems that can occur within your engine, whether they be due to ignition, fuel mixture or compression. If your engine is not giving you the performance it once did, if temperatures are not within the operating ranges you’re used to, or if limits are being violated, our technically adept staff will offer their assistance when you are diagnosing what is occurring in your engine. Or, use our Pilot’s Diagnostics Manual to study the art of troubleshooting on your own. Either way, we’re here to help you.

      All packages include:

    • UBG-16 and Wire Harness
    • MUX-8A Data Recorder and Wire Harness
    • EGT & CHT Probes
    • Thermocouple Cables
    • AL-1 Red Warning Light
    • CP-1 Intensity Control Pot
    • Panel Drilling Template (for switch holes)
    • Operating & Installation Instructions
    • Quick Reference Guide
    • Pilot Diagnostics Manual

    16 Input Channels
    Besides EGT and CHT, the UBG-16 is capable of accepting inputs from TIT, OAT, Carb Temp, any other temperature, Manifold Pressure, RPM, Volts, Amps, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, and Gyro Vacuum Pressure.

    34 Programmable Limits
    16 Programmable Upper Limits – One for each Input Channel, 16 Programmable Lower Limits – One for each Input Channel, Programmable EGT Differential Limit, Programmable CHT Shock Cooling Limit.

    Scan Rate: Programmable from 1 to 9 Seconds per Channel

    Mount: 2.25"

    Depth: 5.35"

    Instrument Weight: 19 Oz.
    Probe and 6′ Cable Weight: 3.5 Oz.
    Probe and 10′ Cable Weight: 7 Oz.

    Resolution: 1 Degree (Fahrenheit)

    Accuracy: 1/2%.

    Display: Plasma, adjustable dimness for night operations

    Power Requirements: 7.5 to 35 volts, at .3 amps

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