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New-generation Garmin large format touchscreen displays, GPS navigators, ADS-B Out/In, and digital autopilot give the legacy single-engine Piper 6X an array of operational, situational-awareness, and safety improvements.


Lakeland, FL (April 20, 2020)  — Rick Garcia, President, and CEO, Gulf Coast Avionics, announced that the company recently completed and delivered its first three-display Garmin G500TXi touchscreens and GFC500 digital autopilot upgrade on a legacy single-engine Piper 6X.


“We have upgraded a lot of panels, but in my opinion, this is the best looking single-engine piston aircraft that our team has ever done,” Garcia said. “Between the three G500TXi displays, the dual GTN750’s, and the digital autopilot, this 16-year-old Piper 6X will provide its owner with capabilities and safety enhancements that were not even available when the airplane was new.”


“I have to give a lot of credit to Matt Schloss, (GCA’s Sales Manager) and the team from Gulf Coast Avionics. Their responsiveness to all of my requests and questions was truly exceptional,” stated the aircraft’s owner, David Linder. “I think you’ll see by the pictures that they hit the nail on the head. The panel is perfectly symmetrical and has the appearance of a factory installation. I am very happy with how it turned out.”


“Our design engineers worked very closely with Mr. Linder to create a panel layout that would deliver the functionality and ease-of-use that he was looking for,” explained Matt Schloss, Sales Manager, Gulf Coast Avionics. “He does 90-percent of his flying with his wife and three children on board, so taking full advantage of the available safety features offered by Garmin’s displays and the autopilot was our number one priority.”


Schloss said that while the long list of advanced capabilities provided by the all-Garmin panel will go a long way towards that goal, the biggest safety contributor will be the new GFC 500 digital autopilot featuring Garmin’s Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP), underspeed and overspeed protection, automatic Level (LVL) mode, vertical navigation (VNAV) mode, and flight director cues.


The Gulf Coast Avionics Garmin upgrade for the Piper 6X includes:

• Dual Garmin 10.6” G500 TXi touchscreen displays

• Single Garmin 7” G500 TXi display for Engine Information System

• Garmin GTN750 touchscreen GPS/COMM/NAV

• Garmin GFC500 Digital Autopilot with Electronic Stability Protection

• Garmin GI-260 Angle-Of-Attack (AOA) Indicator

• Garmin G5 Back-Up Display

• Garmin GTX 345R ADS-B Out/In Remote Transponder

• Garmin GMA 35c Remote Audio Panel

• Dual Garmin GSB 15 USB Power & Charging connectors

• All-new engine sensors for display on the G 500 TXi

• Custom designed and manufactured metal instrument panel


“While enhancing safety was the number one goal of this incredible installation, the owner also wanted an avionics suite that is virtually ‘future-proof,’” Garcia said. “With Garmin’s enviable track record of keeping its avionics ahead of the technological pack, I’m confident that’s something he won’t have to worry about for as long as he owns this 6X.”


Gulf Coast Avionics was appointed the first Garmin avionics dealer in 1990 and has received Garmin’s prestigious Platinum Award for leading sales for 30 consecutive years.



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