Rick Garcia, President and CEO of GULF COAST Avionics announces the formation of a new Latin American aviation Marketing company – AviaciÓn Marketing




Aviación Marketing provides an array of web-based and traditional marketing
 and communications services for U.S.-based companies wanting to enter the growing Latin America general and business aviation markets.




Lakeland, FL (July 20, 2016)  — Representatives of Gulf Coast Avionics (Oshkosh booth numbers, 2029 & 2030, Hangar B), announced today that the company has started a new venture called Aviación Marketing, based in Bogotá-Colombia.






“With 12 successful avionics installation and repair shops currently in Latin America I have already faced and overcome many of the challenges awaiting other U.S.-based companies looking to expand into this growing market,” stated Rick Garcia, President and CEO, Aviación Marketing. “One of the biggest is having a locally-based marketing and communications agency that not only knows aviation, but more importantly knows how to create materials tailored to the prospective customers living in each country.”






“With offices in Bogotá-Colombia and Panama, Aviación Marketing is already poised to help companies make an easy transition into mainstream Latin American aviation marketing,” he said. “As the largest show of its kind in the world, we felt that EAA Oshkosh, AirVenture was the perfect time to introduce Aviación Marketing to companies who can benefit from our unique skill sets.”






Aviación Marketing offers a full-range of services, including:



• Branding



• Marketing and Advertising



• Video and Aerial Photography



• Design and Development of Web and apps



• Digital marketing



• 2D and 3D Animation



• Architecture-Stand Furniture Design



• Event Management



• Social Media



• Printing and Production






“Andrea Sánchez, Aviación Marketing’s marketing manager will be at EAA Oshkosh AirVenture to meet with prospective client companies,” Garcia said. “She can be reached at (305) 787-4112 or email: Andrea@AviacionMarketing.com






About Aviación Latin Avionics Marketing Company



With offices in Bogotá-Colombia and Panama, Aviación Marketing is the only Latin America-based agency specializing in developing successful multi-media and traditional marketing and communications programs for general and business aviation companies. Aviación Marketing offers its client companies a unique set of skills that offer a competitive advantage to aid in the promotion and growth of aviation products and services into the Latin America market. For more information, visit: AviacionMarketing.com









About Gulf Coast Avionics



Founded in 1984 and located at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida, and with offices worldwide, Gulf Coast Avionics is a major supplier of avionics, instruments and pilot supplies to customers around the world. GCA is an FAA-approved Class 1, 2 and 3/Limited Instrument Repair Station #UB4R564M. The company offers a full-array of avionics installation and repair services. For a copy of their catalog or for more information, visit: www.GCA.aero






Aviación Marketing Media Contacts:



Rick Garcia






On site at Oshkosh: 863-559-3980



Office: 863.709.9714, ext. 125









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