FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, March 19, 2012, Lakeland, Florida – Gulf Coast Avionics Corporation has recently announced the introduction of a new line of GCA-branded headsets. Commenting on the headsets, Rick Garcia, President of Gulf Coast Avionics said, “We wanted to put the GCA brand on a complete line of headsets that meet every pilot’s needs and our new line of headsets does that.”

The top-of-the-line GCA ANR II Headset is by far the best ANR headset value on the market today with outstanding noise-cancelling features at less than half the price of other ANR headsets. Features include cell phone and music input, dual volume controls with stereo and mono selection, reversible mike boom, battery status indicator and more in a headset that weighs only fourteen ounces, and that comes with a three-year factory warranty.

The new product line also includes a secondary level noise-cancelling headset along with a complete lineup of ultra-light, ultra-quiet, and ultra-comfort headsets, including a model designed specifically for helicopter use, a child’s headset sized for ages two to twelve, and even a hot pink child’s headset for two to twelve year old girls. All of these headsets are packed with pilot-friendly features and offered at prices that represent best available value for performance.

Garcia went on to say, “This product line includes a headset to meet every pilot requirement and to match any budget requirement. Our goal was to provide a high level of headset performance at the lowest possible cost, and we have accomplished that goal with this line of headsets. Regardless of which headset a pilot chooses, he will get the best available value.”

In addition to the headsets, Gulf Coast Avionics also has available a branded line of intercoms that come in either a panel-mounted two-to-six place model, or a portable four place model. These intercoms come with a 5-year limited warranty and represent the same commitment to quality and value that is found in the headsets.

The full line of GCA-branded headsets can be viewed through Gulf Coast Avionics on-line catalog or on their website at

Gulf Coast Avionics is a major supplier of avionics, instruments and pilot supplies to customers around the world and is an FAA Approved Repair Station, No. UB4R564M, Class 1, 2, 3/Limited Instrument. For complete information call 863.709.9714 or visit

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PHOTO CUTLINE: Headset models shown: GCA-ANR Noise Canceling Headset, GCA-51YB Youth Headset, GCA-51YG Youth Headset for Girls

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