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Gulf Coast Avionics was named one of Garmin’s first domestic avionics dealers in 1990 and has been the perinatal winner of the award since Garmin started the award in 1998.

Lakeland, FL (April 15, 2019)  — Rick Garcia, President and CEO of Gulf Coast Avionics, announced today that the company was awarded Garmin’s 2018 Platinum Dealer Awardfor its outstanding sales of the company’s aviation products during the recent Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) convention.

“Even though this is our 20th consecutive year, each time we are presented with this prestigious award, it becomes more special than the last,” Garcia said. “It’s extremely rewarding for us on multiple levels. First, because we were named one of Garmin’s first domestic avionics dealers in 1990, which is something I am extremely proud of. And second, with hundreds of Garmin aviation dealers around the world, to be one of the top 10 in sales, for 20 years in a row is an achievement that truly sets Gulf Coast Avionics apart.”

Gulf Coast Avionics Is Proud To Be Recognized As One Of The Leading Authorized Garmin Dealers

“Gulf Coast Avionics and Garmin have been partners in business for many years, and it is a pleasure to present them with Garmin’s Platinum dealer award,” said Patrick Coleman, Garmin’s Manager for Avionics Aftermarket Sales. “The Platinum dealer award represents the very highest level of sales performance. Only a select few Garmin dealers worldwide earn the Platinum award and we wish to congratulate Gulf Coast Avionics on their achievement and dedication.”

Garmin's Platinum Award Allows For Continued Trust From Pilots & Aviators

Garcia said that Garmin’s wide assortment of products and the company’s experience and array of services are two of the main reasons Gulf Coast Avionics continues its global sales leadership position.

“With products ranging from hand-helds, to experimental aircraft avionics, to certificated panel-mount units, to its top-of-the-line G1000 NXi upgrade for corporate turboprops and jets, Garmin’s product line is the prefect solution for so many of our customers world wide,” Garcia said. “Garmin’s products in the hands of our talented installers and fabricators make Gulf Coast Avionics a true one-stop solution for so many pilots and aircraft owners and builders.”




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