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104-12 Antenna

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104-12 Antenna

Transponder/DME antenna meets the same manufacturing specifications and is a direct replacement for the Comant CI-101 and the RA Miller AV-22.  Same high quality and performance at a better value.

104-12 and 104-17 series transponder antennas consist of a mono-pole antenna that is top loaded with a sphere to give an effectively shorter antenna and to create a factor of reliability and safety.
104-12 Transponder Antenna
Fed by a 50 ohm coaxial transmission line, the antenna offers a voltage standing wave ratio of 1.2:1 at 1090 MHz and less than 2:1 at 1030 MHz. The antenna presents an omni-directional vertically-polarized radiation pattern when mounted to the underside of the aircraft fuselage. It is readily mounted using an “O-ring,” sealed single hole bulkhead-feed-through with a BNC type female connector.

Frequency: 1030-1090 MHz
Standing Wave Ratio: 1.2:1 at 1090 MHz, 2:1 at 1030 MHz

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