aera 796 without GXM Weather Receiver

aera® 796 with 3D Vision without GXM Weather Receiver

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Garmin GPS

Add the Garmin GDL39 ADS-B Receiver or the new GXM™ 42 Portable Aviation Weather Receiver for your two weather capabilities on your aera 796. 

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aera® 796 – The touchscreen makes it perfectly smooth, and 3D terrain makes it awesome

Garmin's most visionary portable GPS yet, the aera 796 features a unique 3D Vision perspective view of the topography beneath your aircraft. With a choice of portrait or landscape orientation, the aera 796's "virtual reality" flight graphics can be framed with GPS-derived indications of ground track, altitude, groundspeed, vertical speed, and turn indication-all updated 5 times per second. The large 7-inch hi-res touchscreen brings tap-and-go simplicity to navigation. And geo-referenced FliteCharts, IFR Enroute Chrts, VFR Sectional Charts, SafeTaxi diagrams, AOPA Airport Directory, and more, all come pre-loaded! A built-in digital document viewer expands the unit's utility as an electronic flight bag (EFB), letting you view an entire approach at a glance. You can add airways, satellite weather with NEXRAD, and XM audio entertainment. The aera 796 is the future in your flight bag.

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aera 796 Mapping Includes:
Americas Navigation Data, U.S. SafeTaxi, U.S. VFR/IFR Charts, U.S. Flite (Approach) Charts, U.S Obstacles, and AOPA Airport Directory.

aera 796 Package Includes:

  • GA-25 Remote GPS Antenna w/Suction Mount
  • Yoke Mount
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Home A/C Charger w/Cradle Dock
  • USB Cable
  • Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth
  • Pilots Guide/Quick Reference Guide


Garmin AERA 796 3D Vision
3D Vision
Garmin AERA 796 Sectional Map
Sectional Map
Garmin AERA 796 IFR Map with Weather
IFR Map with Weather
Garmin AERA 796 Document Viewer
Document Viewer
Garmin AERA 796 Scratch Pad
Scratch Pad
Garmin AERA 796 IFR Charts
IFR Charts
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