S-TEC 60-PSS Autopilot

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S-TEC 60-PSS Autopilot

Pitch Stabilization System

The System Sixty is an economical autopilot with three ATI-size, panel-mounted mode selector/programmer/annunciators. System Sixty PSS can be installed as a stand-alone pitch-axis autopilot and can complement any brand of existing roll axis autopilot. Not dependent on aircraft altimeter or attitude gyro, system inputs are derived from solid-state absolute pressure transducer and an accelerometer.

Added Safety: For VFR pilots who want the added safety of pitch control.

Single-Axis: Altitude (System 30 ALT) or altitude, vertical speed, and GS coupling (System 60 PSS).

Cost-Efficient: Ideal for pilots on a budget.

Optional Automatic Electric Pitch Trim: Reduces pilot workload during transitions from autopilot to hand flying.

Off Switch - Disables autopilot (A/P activated by pressing VS or ALT functions); smoothly holds existing altitude when engaged
VS (Vertical Speed) - Holds existing vertical speed when engaged
ALT (Altitude Hold) - Holds existing altitude when engaged
GS - Indicates glideslope coupling armed and/or active
UP/DN Buttons - Used to command vertical speed changes: 160 FPM change for each second button is depressed. In altitude hold mode (ALT), buttons trim altitude by 20’ of altitude for each second button is depressed
Pitch Trim Annunciator - When TRIM is lit, system is annunciating an out of-trim condition, and UP/DN buttons will indicate direction to adjust pitch trim
Pitch Axis Computer Three ATI Case-Contained

  • Pitch Stabilization System
  • Stand Alone or Add On to Existing Roll Axis Autopilot
  • Panel Mounted Programmer - Remote Computer
  • Remote-mounted pitch computer and absolute transducer
  • Automatic pitch synchronization at engagement
  • Altitude Hold with Altitude Trim
  • Glideslope Coupling
  • Vertical Speed Command
  • Pitch Trim Annunciation
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S-TEC 60-PSS Autopilot


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