Guardian CO Detector - AERO-353-101

Part No: Aero-353-101

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Guardian CO Detector - AERO-353-101

CO Guardian is the leader in carbon monoxide detectors for general aviation and is now standard equipment on all new single-engine Cessna, Cirrus, and Diamond DA-40. You can also now integrate with Garmin G-1000, Advanced Flight Systems EFIS, Electronics International MVP-50, and Grand Rapids.

The AERO 353 has a built-in state-of-the art CO sensor that immediately reacts to the presence of CO. It was designed for pilots who want the unit to be small, so it takes up a minimum of panel space, and provides pilots a peace of mind.

Detector will go into alarm mode within five minutes if CO level is greater than 50 PPM.

The unit has dual light LED alarm; Amber less than 99 PPM and Red 100 PPM and above.
Very simple installation (2-4 hours).

Aero 353 is designed to facilitate connection to an external annunciator lamp. This gives an added level of protection if the detector is not within the pilot view.

The annunciator lamp is to be purchased separately.

Guardian Product ID: AERO-353-101

  • Remote Light/Annunciator Panel Relay Output
    Max power consumption = Less than 1 watt
    Weight = approximately 3.5 oz
    Internal Fan for optimum sensing
    Designed for all Piston (Single and Twin Engine Aircraft)
    Shielded to prevent EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) with Aircraft systems
    Audible alarm with varying pitch at 85DB
    Front panel lighting (Green and Red)
    CO Sensor tested to 15,000 feet
    Temperature range 0 °F to 110 °F
    Built in Temperature compensating circuit
    1 year Limited Warranty
    60-day money-back guarantee

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