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AeroPower is a panel-mount or cabin-mount USB power product for charging any handheld electronic device such as a phone, tablet and ADS-B portable, while the aircraft is in operation. This useful accessory has two USB type A input ports that provide 2.5 amps of dedicated power per port.

Each unit is offered with a faceplate and installation kit. The installation requires minimal modification to the panel and is straightforward. AeroPower is radio-shielded from NAV/COM interference.

The AeroPower is the lowest-priced TSO certified unit available on the market and is backed up with a two-year warranty.


At 2.5 amps per port, the AeroPower unit charges any USB electronic portable; tablets, phones, ADS-B portables and more. The installation is minimal and straightforward, and takes only a few minutes to complete— a drill-in cylindrical shape. It is quite easy to install multiple units to provide convenient access to power to flight crew and passengers. When mounted, the unit is almost flush with the panel (or cabin).


TSO-C71 and DO-160G certified. AeroPower is radio-shielded from NAV/COM interference ensuring the operation of flight instrumentation, GPS, audio, or other devices is trusted.



    • Width: 1.848 inches
    • Height: 1.848 inches
    • Depth*: 1.391 inches
    • AeroPower Unit Weight: 0.16 lbs
    • Operational Temperature Range: -20°C to +55°C
    • Input Voltage Range: 10 to 32 VDC
    • Nominal Current Draw: <25 mA at 14 V and 28 V with no USB connections
    • 0.95 A at 28 V at full output load on both ports
    • 1.9 A at 14 V at full output load on both ports
    • Power Input: 0.7 W with no USB connections
    • 26.25 W max at full output load on both ports
    • Output Voltage: 5.0 VDC +/- 0.25 V
    • Max Current Output: 2.5 A per port
    • Power Output: 25 W
    • Note: *includes mating connector, excludes bend radius
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