Brightline CS2/CS2-TALL

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Brightline bag components work only with the Flex System line of bags.


The CS2 is designed for carrying 13" laptops, iPads and assorted documents.

This center section is 13.5” x 10.5” x 2". 


Center Section 2 -Tall. Designed to carry 15" laptops as well as tablets, documents, folders, clipboards or posse box.

NOTE: The FLEX modules WILL NOT WORK with (will not zip onto) any older BrightLine Bag.  The zippers had to be of a different type to allow this modularity concept to work. The CS2 can attach to all of the FLEX System modules.

The CS2 can be used in any configuration and is not designed to be used by itself due to the possibility of damaging the exposed zippers.  The most popular configuration is the B2, consisting of a Front End Cap, a CS2, and a Rear End Cap.  This configuration is perfect for buisnessmen who want to carry a 13" laptop, essential documents, cords, drives and personal items.  However, the CS2 can be added to any configuration to add storage for your 13" laptop.  Simply zip the CS2 into a B10, B16, or B25 to get added storage for your 13" laptop, iPad, or folders and documents.

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