CI 105

CI 105

Antenna, DME/Transponder Blade

Part No:

Manufacturer: COMANT

CI 105 DME Transponder

Broadband and rugged antenna designed for DME or transponder use. Antenna assembly encased in a glass reinforced polyester molded shell. Standard two stud mounting configuration. CI 105 includes a BNC connector.

  • Encased in a glass reinforced polyester molded shell
  • Standard two stud mounting configuration
  • Includes a BNC connector
Frequency 960 to 1220 MHz & 1030 to 1094 MHz
VSWR 1.5:1 960 to 1220 MHz
1.3:1 1030 to 1090 MHz
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Pattern Equivalent of λ/4 stub
Impedance 50 OHMS
Resistance DC Open circuit
Power RF 2.5 kW peak
Weight 0.24 lbs. maximum
Height 3.31" maximum
Material Molded radome
Finish Polyurethane enamel
Connector See order options
Temperature -54° C to +55° C
Altitude 70,000'
Air Speed 400 Knots TAS @ 25,000'
Federal Specifications
RTCA Environmental DO-160C
Environmental Category [E1]-B[CLY]XRHXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
FAA TSO C66c, C74c
RTCA MOPS DO-144, DO-189
BNC CI 105-6
C CI 105-7
White Standard
Gasket B10006-1

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