EDM-790 Twin Engine Analyzer

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Manufacturer: JP INSTRUMENTS

Taking the same easy-to-see color 4.5” x 3.3” display as the popular EDM900, the EDM-790 is the most versatile twin engine EGT/CHT analyzer on the market.

The EDM-790 will automatically find the first EGT to peak and will graphically display each cylinder EGT and CHT, while at the same time display those cylinder temperatures digitally. Aircraft voltage is also displayed digitally as well as optional TIT, OAT, and oil temperatures. The optional fuel computer will display gallons per hour for each engine, fuel used, fuel remaining, and time-to-empty, and when interfaced to a GPS you’ll see fuel needed to destination, nautical miles per gallon, and fuel reserve. The EDM-790 can monitor up to 29 channels of information with 14 columns of graphical information.

All the enhancements found on the single engine EDM-730 are included in the Twin engine EDM-790, including:


  • Digital display of OAT, TIT, OIL, CARB, IDA, CDT, and EGT/CHT
  • Shock Cooling displayed in degrees per minute with alarms
  • Normalize Mode levels the bar graph display for instant identification of engine trends during cruise
  • Automatically finds first cylinder to peak on each engine


EDM-790 is shipped complete including everything necessary for installation. The package contains:


  • JPI Quick response EGT probes
  • Bayonet CHT probes w/wiring harness
  • Insulating sleeves
  • Terminals w/mounting screws
  • Two year warranty on electronics
  • RS-232 Output port and one TIT function are included in system.


All EDM-790 systems come with data recording and provide long term trend monitoring to maintain ultimate engine health. Data Recording capability will record and store all displayed parameters and, at a later time, transfer the info to a palmtop or laptop PC. EDM-790 Data Recording contains a date and time clock. You may also program an aircraft ID, such as your aircraft registration number or your name that will appear in the output data file.

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