EDM-930 Primary Display TSO'd/STC'd/Experimental

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# of Cyl.: 4-Cylinder
Fuel Level: None

EDM-930 Primary Display TSO'd/STC'd/Experimental

Our flagship EDM930 has been redesigned to fit more ways in your panel! It can be mounted directly into a standard 3.1″ hole or flush-mounted. Our Primary system allows you to remove your old steam gauge engine instruments and move up to the most advanced and accurate piston engine monitoring instrument on the market. The EDM930 also features a long list of user options. EDM-930 as your personal flight engineer. Always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. Your EDM-930 will be monitoring your engine conditions four times per second and will warn you instantly if any measurement exceeds the programmed limit.

Leaning is accomplished quickly and automatically using the LeanFind™ procedure. With the EDM it is now possible to have substantially more diagnostic information available to you in a timely and usable manner.

The EDM 930 collects data and displays it for you in a useful way. You can use the EDM 930 to monitor engine temperatures and voltages, adjust the fuel/air mixture, and diagnose engine malfunctions.


Standard EDM-930 Features:

  • Hands-free, automatic scanning

  • All programming done from the Front Panel

  • LeanFind™ finds the first and last cylinder to peak with true

  • peak detect eliminates false peaks

  • Displays both leaned temperature below peak and peak

  • Battery voltage with alarm

  • Amperes (load or charge/discharge meter)

  • Programmable alarm limits

  • Normalize view

  • Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs) to stable 1°F resolution

  • DIF low to high EGT with alarm

  • EGTs to stable 1°F resolution

  • Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder

  • Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder

  • User selectable index rate

  • Fast response probes

  • Non-volatile long term memory

  • Records and stores data up to 30 hours

  • Post-flight data retrieval

  • Download to Palm™ Computer

  • Data retrieval software

  • Oil pressure

  • Oil temperature

  • Outside air temperature

  • Fuel level

  • Fuel Flow

  • Solid-state rotor fuel flow transducer

  • Fuel quantity in gallons, kilograms, liters, or pounds

  • Low fuel quantity alarm

  • Low fuel time alarm

  • GPS interface

  • Instantaneous fuel flow rate

  • Total amount of fuel consumed

  • Total fuel remaining

  • Time to empty at the curent fuel flow rate

  • RPM and manifold pressure

  • Automatically calculates percent horsepower

  • History of extreme values during previous flight

  • Hobbs® timer


    Optional Features:

    • Fuel pressure

    • Carburetor temperature or induction temperature

    • Compressor discharge temperature option

    • Turbine inlet temperature


Dimensions: EDM-930   –  3.3″ deep(add 2″ for connectors)    -5.584″ wide – 5.11″ high

The EDM 930 is a self contained instrument. All functions or channels on the EDM are recorded at an adjustable rate of every 2 to 60 seconds per recording. The EDM-930 is sold in several versions.The display is a TFT, full VGA not 1/4 VGA display. This type of display permits a lot of latitude in placing the gages on the screen. The EDM-930 is sold in several versions.

Accuracy and Resolution, are two of the most misunderstood terms in instrumentation. Because an instrument displays 1 degree increments (resolution) does not mean it is accurate to 1 degree. JPI’s accuracy comes from its linearized thermocouples. Other’ put and estimating straight line through the center of the thermocouple calibration “S” curve. With this method the instrument is accurate at only three points along as the the straight line crosses the “S” curve. Therefore errors of +/- 10′ are quite possible while still displaying in 1degree resolution. Our competition is advertising +/- 1/2′ accuracy at full scale. This would mean that =/-1/2′ of 2000′ (full scale) is +/- 10′; there is a big difference. JPI has found nothing in the Aviation market that compares to our linearized accuracy.


• Pre-Wired Harness for all functions
• Display SVGA
• RPM Prop
• MAP Manifold Pressure
• % HP Percent of Horse Power
• EGT Exhaust Gas Temp.
• CHT Cylinder Head Temp.
• EGT Normalize mode
• LOP/ROP JPI Exclusive Leaning Mode
• O-T Oil Temperature
• O-P Oil Pressure
• F-P Fuel Pressure (when in POH)
• OAT Outside Air Temp.
• VDC Voltage (1)
• AMP Current amps (2 twins)
• Fuel Flow Transducer FlowScan
• GPH Gallons per Hour GPH
• REQ Required to wp or destination
• USD Fuel used
• H:M Endurance Hours and Minutes
• MPG Miles per Gal
• CLD Shock Cooling on ALL cylinders
• DIFF Difference between EGT’s
• USB Memory stick 1 GB
• Data Recording 800 Hrs every 6 sec.
• EZTrends Graphing Software free
• 3 year Warranty


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EDM-930 Primary Display TSO'd/STC'd/Experimental


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