EDM-960 All In One Engine Monitor - Twin Engine System

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Manufacturer: JP INSTRUMENTS

Think of your EDM-960 Twin as your personal flight engineer.  Always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft.  Your EDM-960 will be monitoring your engine conditions four times per second and will warn you instantly if any measurement exceeds the programmed limit.

The EDM-960 collects data and displays it for you in a useful way.  You can use the EDM-960 to monitor engine temperatures, voltages, adjust the fuel/air mixture and diagnose engine malfunctions.

The EDM-960 is the latest graphic engine analyzer from the JP Instruments and takes the best from their EDM-800 and adds total engine display monitoring including Tach, % Horsepower, Hobbs, Manifold Pressure, EGT, CHT, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Fuel Flow, Outside Air Temp, Volts, and Amps plus optional Fuel Pressure, Fuel Quantity, and Turbine Intlet Temp. Each individual engine display has a variable scale and alarm limit to fit your particular airplane. As with the popular EDM-700 and EDM-800, the EDM-960 has internal memory that records all engine parameters that can be recalled and displayed on your computer to keep track of the health of your engine. 

Size: 5.1" x 5" x 2"
Weight: 2.6 lbs

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