Electric 7A Trim System

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Electric 7A Trim System

Ray Allen Trim Systems are quality, electrically operated servo systems, designed for use on experimental aircraft.

They can also be used to operate other mechanisms within your aircraft, thus eliminating the need for bulky cables and pulleys. Ray Allen servos operate on 12-14 volts DC. When activated they push or pull with tremendous force. Since this thrust is generated by means of a jackshaft (T2 series) or jackscrew (T3 series), the output shaft will lock in any position when the electrical power is off. They will automatically stop when their travel limit is reached.

No electronics are used to control Ray Allen servos and they will not travel unless power is switched on by the pilot. Ray Allen has three different T2 and T3 servos available: The T2-7A servo has .7 inch travel. The T2-10A servo has 1.0 inch travel. The T3-12A servo has 1.2 inch travel. Check the specifications for a servo output travel that best suits your application. A Ray Allen servo is included in a Ray Allen Trim System, (along with indicator, rocker switch and clevis/pushrod kit), or can be purchased individually.



This device converts the momentary contact action of the ROS-4 4-way switch, or any SPST pushbutton switch, into a DPDT action that is necessary to operate Ray Allen actuators. You will need one of these relay decks for each actuator in your installation. The REL-2 relay deck replaces the REL-1 relay deck.

The REL-2 functions the same as the REL-1, however the wire exit location is on the top. Measures 1.6" (40 mm) x 1.8” (49 mm) x 1.1” (28 mm).


This compact unit enables you to slow the speed of your trim actuator to suit your individual installation. Measures 2.0”(51 mm) x .5”(13 mm) x .8”(20 mm).


This device enables you to operate Ray Allen trim systems in aircraft having 28 volt electrical systems. It converts all input voltages up to 35 volts into 12 volts. It is capable of supplying enough current to supply two RAC trim systems. Measures 2.0”(51 mm) x .5”(13 mm) x .8”(20 mm).


Contains two 8/32 threaded clevis forks, one 7” stainless steel pushrod and clevis pin hardware. The Ray Allen clevis/pushrod kit is included with Ray Allen trim systems, or can be purchased separately. The RC-8 with its hardware is also available separately.



Ray Allen also manufactures this clevis with 10/32 threads.


NOTE: This clevis and pushrod kit is not compatible with Ray Allen POS series position sensors.


We highly recommend using this wire cable for Ray Allen trim installations. It consists of 5 separate color coded, 24 gauge, 19 strand, silver coated, DuPont FEP Teflon® insulated wires inside a tough, all Teflon® sheathing. This wire cable will easily last the lifetime of your airframe.


Ray Allen wing walks are a low profile, high quality, self- adhesive, non-slip material. The rubbery texture feels much better to the touch (and the knees) than the gritty, sandpaper-like material commonly used for wing walks in the past.

One strip of wing walk material measures 26 1/2”(67.3 cm) x 9 1/2”(24.1 cm). This can easily be cut down in size to suit your own application. Installation is simple, just peel off the backing paper and press it down on your wing.

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