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Evolution 1000 Pro MAX PFD

Part No: 925-00102-001

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The brand-new and affordable Evolution 1000 Pro MAX brings the latest generation of display technology and capabilities that bridge the avionics technology gap. For Aspen customers old and new, your investment retains its value, and will never be obsolete. Period. This applies to legacy primary and multi-function displays already installed.  This revolutionary upgrade is now available!

We also offer an affordable and simple, legacy Evolution 1000 Pro MAX PFD upgrade path to new Pro MAX features with a new two-year warranty!

Now, all Evolution displays will be MAX-based to enhance functionality and performance across our entire product line.

For Aspen customers old and new, get the most out of flying by taking your displays to the MAX.

The next generation in flight displays from Aspen Avionics has arrived.  Like all Aspen displays, the innovative Evolution Series form factor installs easily in existing instrument panels, and eliminates bulky remote boxes and heavy wiring.


New Evolution 1000 Pro MAX PFD offers:

  • GPS-aided AHRS in the event of pitot static failure
  • New, vibrant colors with the latest aviation glass
  • Audio panel interface
  • Higher reliability and faster refresh rates with latest generation processors
  • Airspeed and altitude tapes with altitude alerter (and separate approach minimums
  • Built-in GPS steering
  • Full electronic HSI with dual bearing pointers
  • Base map with flight plan legs and waypoints, curved flight paths, and nearby navaids
  • Integral Air Data Computer and Attitude Heading Reference System
  • Backup indicators are eliminated with the installation of an Evolution MFD1000 MAX multi-function display
  • Altitude intercept based on climb rate
  • Font and window enlargement
  • Optional Evolution Hazard Awareness upgrade

General Specifications:

Overall Dimensions:   3.50” W x 7.00”H x 4.15”D
Weight:   2.9 lbs. with mounting bracket
Display Type:   6.0” Diagonal TFT Active Matrix LCD
Display Resolution:   400x760
Display Backlight:   High Intensity White LED
Display Colors:  16M

Operational Specifications:

Operating Temp:   -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temp:   -55°C to +85°C
Max Operating Altitude: (unpress.)   35,000 ft.
Cooling:   Integral Fan
Max Humidity:   95% at 50°C
Input Voltage:   +8 to +32 Volts DC
Max Current:  2.4 Amps @ 28 Vdc  /  4.8 Amps @ 14 Vdc

I/O Specifications:

ARINC 429 Inputs:   5 Low Speed
ARINC 429 Outputs:   1 Low Speed
RS-232 Inputs:   5
RS-232 Outputs:   3
Pitot / Static:   Quick Connect

Certification Specifications:

FAA and EASA Technical Standard Orders
TSO/ETSO: C2D, C3D, C4C, C6D, C8D, C10B, C106, C113
RTCA DO-178B Level C

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