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GA Headset to Airbus Adapter

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GA Headset to Airbus Adapter

This adapter converts your general aviation headset (twin plugs) to the Airbus® radio system. Accepts standard .25" (PJ-055) and .206" (PJ-068) plugs. Adapts to 5 PIN/DIN XLR Airbus® type male. For use in Airbus® 318 | 319 | 320 | 321 | 330 | 340. Several Boeing aircraft have also started to use XLR jacks. Cord is 9" in length.

Common names:

  • GA to Airbus adapter
  • Twin Plug to Airbus adapter
  • PJ to Airbus adapter
  • GA to XLR adapter
  • Twin Plug to XLR adapter
  • PJ to XLR adapter. 
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