Grypmat Portable Tool Tray- Trio Pack


Grypmat Portable Tool Tray- Trio Pack

Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray Trio Pack

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Manufacturer: GRYPMAT

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Get the Small, Medium, and Large Grypmats all together in the Trio Pack. This is for the Mr./Mrs. Fix it that has engine oil in their veins.

Made of a polymer-silicone blend that is flexible, these high performance rubber mats are non-slip mats that are non-magnetic, chemical-resistant, and anti-static. The Grypmats work where other tool trays won't and will secure tools at angles of up to 70 degrees. These bright orange mats are available in small, medium, and large sizes--and combo sets. Each size mat has partitioned sections for holding a variety of tools and hardware. Mechanics love them!

Features of the Grypmat tool trays include: 

* Insane grip: stick onto whatever surface they are placed on without sliding or falling, while still allowing for easy placement and removal
* Surface protection: won't scratch or dent your paint job
* Spatial efficiency: avoid unnecessary tool cart trips, improve spatial workflows, and organize tools in tight spaces
* Temperature-resistant: the Grypmats are resistant up to 600 degrees F 
* Measurement system: the large and medium size Grypmat tool trays contain a built-in ruler of measurement
* Prevents tool loss: Keep tools and hardware secure 
* Portable and flexible: extremely durable, but they also bend, fold, or roll any way you need them to, always returning to their original shape
* Easily cleaned: the Grypmats are resistant to chemicals such as Dot 4 brake fluid, engine oil, and grease; if dirty, soap and water will return them to like-new condition

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