David Clark H10-76

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David Clark H10-76 Aviation Headset

Replaces the H-157/AIC headset while providing greater protection and superior performance.

David Clark Company is a trusted manufacturer of passive noise-attenuating and Electronic Noise-Cancelling air crew and ground crew headsets for the U.S. Armed Forces, NATO and most airborne command centers. Headset Model Number H10-76 is designed to provide clear, reliable, mission-critical communications for both air crew and ground support personnel. The headset is built to withstand the rigors of the military aircraft cockpit and ground support operations, while providing maximum comfort and performance to ensure the safety of military personnel.

H10-76 Headset Features:

  • Undercut Comfort-Gel Ear Seal for Improved Comfort
  • Low Impedance
  • Most popular noise attenuating headset ever produced for use with military radios
  • Standard headset of the U.S. Air Force, NATO and most airborne command centers
  • Clear, crisp communication in demanding environments
  • M-87 dynamic noise-canceling microphone (MIL-M-26542/ 2 USAF Specifications)
  • Undercut, comfort-gel ear seals provide unsurpassed comfort and enhanced noise-attenuation
  • AWAC's, under command of NATO and the United States, use the H10-76 both in the cockpit and the communication operations
  • Headset of choice of M.A.T.S. pilots
  • Also used in ground support operations

  • Specifications


    EAR TYPE: Dynamic MICROPHONE: M-101 Amplified Dynamic or non-amplified
    EARPHONE IMPEDANCE: 150 ohms (300 Ohms each; wired in parallel) MIC IMPEDANCE:: 5 ohms +/- 20%
    EARPHONE SENSITIVITY:: 90 dB SPL on flat plate coupler, re 1mW input @ 1KHz


    Non-amplified = .07 – 14mV @ 1khz for 103dB SPL input or Amplified = 400mV +/- 6dB into 150 ohm load @ 1kHz for 114dB SPL input


    300 – 3000Hz
    BOOM TYPE: Hinged wire COMM CORD: 5 ft. coil
    HEADPAD/HARDWARE: Super-soft, foam PLUG TYPE: U-174/U
    EAR SEALS:: Undercut, comfort-gel NRR: 27 dB
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