David Clark H20-10S Stereo Headset

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David Clark H20-10S Headset

The same features pilots love the H20-10 for now is available in stereo!

The H20-10S is made from advanced composite material that is lightweight, yet extremely durable. Unique custom comfort features include contoured, gel-filled ear seals and patented headband suspension system.

  • Lightweight state-of-the-art composite resins for superior flexibility and strength
  • Dome and stirrup swivels providing universal fit for ear domes to side of your head
  • Contoured ear seals are extra thick, contoured gel ear seals are custom designed for use on the left/right side. Increased ear opening and contoured shape ensure proper sealing and unbelievable comfort
  • Earphones have vibration and shock-resistant mountings and are wired in parallel for reliability and safety should one fail in flight
  • Volume control is controlled through a low profile knob with detent settings to prevent accidental changes. Lets you select a comfortable listening level
  • Microphone protector protects microphone from moisture and wind noise
  • Noise-canceling microphone is a M-7A Amplified Electret for a clear, crisp transmission
  • The adjustable headpad assembly provides an "air flow" to prevent heat buildup and a unique combination of foam that touches your head like a soft pillow
  • Ratcheted latch assembly with gauge markings provides for the precise vertical adjustment of the headpad for the most comfortable fit possible. Removable latch lock assures the same comfortable position every time
  • Headband is tapered which provides a uniform tension and a NRR 22dB
  • No exposed cords and they are located inside the headset assembly for protection and appearance
  • Sculpted to dome for a smooth uniform appearance
  • Flex boom for perfect microphone positioning. Flush mounted to dome. Rotates 200 degrees for left or right side positioning
  • All cords are shielded to prevent RFI or EMI interference
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