Icom IC-A120 VHF Air Band Transceiver - Vehicle Mount (Pre-owned) x9612

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Icom IC-A120 - VHF Air Band Transceiver - Vehicle Mount

The Icom IC-A120 is the direct replacement to the popular Icom IC-A110.

The Icom IC-A120 is a rugged and reliable for serious ground crew communications built to military specifications (mil-spec). Setting a new standard for ground based communications, the IC-A210 provides durability and reliability in demanding operating environments. Capable of being installed in any vehicle, IC-A120 is adaptable to vehicles working on a 12 V DC as well as a 24 V DC power source.

Icom’s IC-A120 Mobile Airband Transceiver is equipped with a crisp, clear, dot-matrix display; active noise cancellation (ANC) and automatic noise limiter (ANL) technology; and straightforward programming and settings options that are accessible from the front panel. The IC-A120 meets IP54 standards for dust-protection and water-resistance and can be connected to an optional Bluetooth unit for compatibility with third-party wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Icom IC-A120 Features:

  • Dot-matrix LCD display is easy to read with crisp, clear text (displays alphanumeric characters and icons)
  • Memory channels and other radio settings can programmed from the front panel (customizing functions can be restricted as needed, depending on the radio settings); this unit provides 200 memory channels with 12-character channel names and 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Built-in Active Noise Canceling (ANC) reduces background noise in the received and transmitted signals; the automatic noise limiter (ANL) reduces pulse-type noise such as engine ignition (ANL and ANC functions cannot be used at the same time)
  • IP54 dust-protection and water resistant construction allows the IC-A120 to be used in open-air vehicles
  • ON-Hook scan function automatically starts scanning when the hand microphone is hooked on the microphone hanger; the ON-Hook dualwatch feature checks the priority and operating channels alternatively while ON-Hook; when the microphone is taken OFF hook, scanning stops at the priority channel or the displayed channel
  • Provides optional Bluetooth headset connectivity when the UT-133 Bluetooth unit is added; this allows a third-party wireless Bluetooth headsets to be used with the IC-A120 (when using an optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset the side tone function becomes available)
  • Third-party headsets can be used with the optional OPC-871A headset adapter; when configured this way, the user can use the side tone function to monitor his or her own transmitted voice via the connected headset—even when using a hand microphone
  • Optional HM-217 speaker-microphone allows the user to listen to received audio through the HM-217’s built in speaker; the speaker-microphone features up/down buttons as well as two programmable P1/P2 buttons that serve as a shortcut for activating frequently used functions
  • Compatible with 12- and 24- volt systems
  • 36W (PEP) RF output power
  • Dualwatch and priority scan functions
  • Power on password protection
  • PC programming capability
  • CI-V Commands for external control
  • VE-PG3 RoIP gateway for interconnect with other radio devices
  • Accessories include hand microphone (HM-216), DC power cable, microphone hanger kit, mounting bracket kit, and fuses

Dimensions (W×H×D, Projections not included): 161×45×193 (mm); 6.34×1.77×7.6 (in) (approximately)
Weight (approx.) 1.5kg; 3.3lb
Frequency range (Tx/Rx): 118.000–136.992MHz
Channel spacing: 25kHz/8.33kHz

Everything needed for installation of this unit is included and it comes with one (1) HM-216 Speaker Mic.

Your Icom IC-A120 Vehicle Mount Kit will include:

  • Hand microphone, Icom HM-216
  • DC power cable
  • Microphone hanger kit
  • Mounting bracket kit
  • Fuses

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