Icom IC-A220 Panel Mount VHF Air Band Transceiver (Pre-owned)

Part No: OH-IC-A220 R

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Icom IC-A220 Panel Mount VHF Air Band Transceiver (Pre-owned)

The new Icom IC-A220 is more versatile, and has more features than any other panel mounted com transceiver on the market. The unique Organic LED display is brighter, has more contrast, and has a wider viewing angle. Other features include a built-in voice activated two place intercom with independent volume and squelch controls, 14v or 28v operation, instant 121.5 emergency button, active/standby flip/flop frequency selection, powerful 8 watt transmitter that is 8.3 kHZ compatible, and NOAA Weather channels. The IC-A220 also allows you to listen to the standby frequency, and can interface to most GPS's so you can transfer frequencies directly from the GPS database into the radio.

Large, bright OLED display
The IC-A220 has a bright organic light emitting diode (OLED) display with a wide 170-degree viewing angle. White characters on a black background give the viewer clear, easy to read operating information. The white key backlighting and white OLED display match a modern plane’s instrument panel. In addition, the auto dimmer function adjusts the display for optimum brightness for either day or night.

Easy Channel Selection
It's fast and easy to select any of the memory channels in the Icom IC-A220. The "flip-flop" arrow button switches between main and stand-by channels. The dualwatch function allows you to monitor two channels simultaneously. In addition, the auto stack memory stores the last 10 channels used and allows you to recall those channels easily.

GPS Memory Function
When connected to an external GPS receiver equipped with an airport frequency database, the frequency data such as nearby airports can be transferred and made available in the Icom IC-A220.

12V/24V DC Power Source
The built-in DC-DC converter accepts a 12/24V DC power source. The Icom IC-A220 is easily installed in most airplanes or vehicles.

Intercom Functions
The Icom IC-A220 has a built-in voice activated intercom function allowing the pilot to talk with the copilot via the headset. The IC-A220 has adjustable audio level and squelch control functions.

Easy Installation
The IC-A220 has a D-Sub 25-pin industry standard connector for easy installation. The slim case can be installed into a tight panel space. If your current radio has a card edge connector and you plan on installing your new A220 into the same housing, use the MBA-3 rear panel adapter for installation.  The Icom IC-A220 neatly fits inside the common mounting brackets used on most airplanes including Icom's IC-A200 / IC-A210. The IC-A220 can be interchanged with most panel mount radios including Icom's IC-A200, Honeywell Bendix/King KY96A/KY97A and Garmin's SL40.

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