Intelligent Flap Controller

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Intelligent Flap Controller

Intelligent Flap Controller, IFC, is an electronic controller designed specifically to operate DC motor actuators, particularly the Van’s Aircraft series of Flap Actuators used in RV type homebuilt aircraft/ IFC connects to the standard up-off-(down) switches commonly used to control flap operation and directly drives a Van’s flap actuator. IFC provides Vfe protection by sensing airspeed and preventing flap deployment above a set airspeed. IFC allows for Pilot and Co-Pilot flap switches and resolves the possible conflicts if the switches are operated in opposite directions. IFC requires NO flap position sensor and is fully compatible with Safety-Trim servo controllers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protects against flap deployment above Vfe
  • Dual Inputs: Allows for Pilot and Co-Pilot side flap switches
  • Uses the standard Up-off-Down switch or the Infinity stick grip
  • Controls the standard Van’s flap actuator
  • Eliminates the need for a flap positioning sensor
  • Eliminates flap motor run-on associated with traditional relay system
  • Very easy to use, Up switch drives flaps Up, Down switch drives flaps Down
  • Great for tandem aircraft
  • Made in USA – patented
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