Intelligent Lighting Controller


Intelligent Lighting Controller

Intelligent Lighting Controller

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Intelligent Lighting Controller

Intelligent Lighting Controller, ILC-4ch, is an electronic controller designed specifically to operate the lighting circuits used in homebuilt aircraft. ILC provides control of up to 4 lighting circuits plus dimmable control of up to 3 channels of instrument and cabin lights. The 4 lighting circuits may be used to control landing lights, taxi lights, strobe lights, and navigation lights. Each channel is independently powered and controlled. ILC also provides a wig-wag function between two of the lighting circuits. Each lighting circuit may control up to 10 amps of load. The 3 channels of dimmable lighting may be independently controlled. Each dimmable channel may include incandescent or LED lighting up to 1 amp. ILC operates from 10-30 Vdc.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides switching control for Landing, Taxi, Strobe, and Nav lights
  • Provides dimming control of three independent channels o instrument/cabin lighting
  • Provides Wig-wag function between two lighting channels
  • Remote mountable cast aluminum enclosure
  • Low current panel switching wire reduces wire load.
  • Independent power and switching circuits for very high reliability
  • Works with any panel switches and supports backlighting of switches
  • Universal voltage 10-30 vdc.
  • Made in USA

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