Jay Flight Simulator

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Jay Flight Simulator

Practicing at home is a great idea for every pilot. You can keep your skills sharp and your mind in the cockpit even when you can’t make it to the airport. The clean-sheet design of the JAY by Redbird prioritized one thing: Get the pilot flying with a minimum of fuss. There are no peripherals to configure, no systems to install. Take it out of the box, plug it in and turn it on. Now say, “preflight complete.”

Going from shipping box to flying in five minutes isn’t much fun if it breaks five minutes later. That’s why the JAY shares design components with full motion simulators built by Redbird Flight Simulations, which withstand thousands of hours of abuse in flight schools around the world. The software on the JAY is the same code powering those FAA-certified machines. It’s one tough bird.

Scenario-based training? It’s built in.

The Jay is more than a simulator—it’s a flight experience device supporting training, proficiency, and just plain fun! In addition to the free flight mode where you select the aircraft and conditions, the Jay has a scenario mode where you can load a preset scenario and fly it. A scenario could range from a simple aviation challenge to a complex flight with multiple potential outcomes. For example, a magazine article about an aircraft accident can be linked to a mission you’ll be able to fly on your Jay. Redbird creates many of these scenarios in partnership with many training outlets and magazines. The scenario exchange is open to any company wishing to create scenarios for the Jay. A one-button update on the Jay loads the latest free scenarios.

Built by Redbird

The Jay is built in the same Austin, Texas factory as our full-motion Advanced Aviation Training Devices and we use the same thoughtful engineering to a create a robust product far above the industry standard. The chassis is metal, not plastic. Control smoothness is paramount. The parts should last indefinitely. In addition, there are pilot-centric touches. For example, the yoke travel is equivalent to a typical Cessna or Piper single—about three times as far as most plastic flight sim yokes move.

Professional Level Software for Powerful Training

The software powering the Jay is Lockheed Prepar3D (pronounced “prepared”). Prepar3D is an evolution of Microsoft’s FSX, enhanced and expanded for professional-level simulation, including our full-motion simulators. This means most of the many plug-ins, aircraft, and communities designed for FSX will work flawlessly on the Jay.

Redbird Jay Flight Simulator For Sale

The Jay Flight Simulator by Redbird is perfect for those looking for truly remarkable home flight simulator equipment. That's why we award the option of free ground shipping with each purchase!

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Easy to setup, Easy to Use

The Jay was designed to be the simplest to use desktop simulator ever built. In fact, you’ll be flying in 10 minutes or less

Start-Up Procedure:

  1. Put it on a table.

  2. Plug it in.

  3. Turn it on.

Aircraft Configurations

The Jay comes preloaded with a diverse selection of aircraft for training and for fun. Plus, just about any FSX aircraft or add-on from these developers will work!

Preloaded Aircraft Include:

  • Cessna 172SP with Analog Gauges

  • Cessna 172SP with G1000

  • Mooney Bravo with Analog Gauges

  • Mooney Bravo with G1000

  • Beech Baron 58 with Analog Gauges

  • Beech Baron 58 with G1000

  • Maule M7

  • Maule M7 on Skis

  • Cessna Grand Caravan

  • Beech King Air 350

  • Lockheed Constellation

  • Piper Cub

  • Extra 300S

  • Yak-52






27-inch LCD monitor (1920 x 1080 pixels).


Intel i5 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor.

Memory & Storage

8GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD.

Operating System

Windows 10 Professional (64-bit).

Flight Simulation Software

Lockheed Prepar3D Flight Sim (the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator X)

Primary Flight Control

Redbird professional-grade yoke system.

Throttle Quadrant

"Boat style" controls for throttle and mixture.





Desk or Table Size

At least 30" wide and 27" deep.


US standard 110 volt, 15 amp wall outlet.


A high-speed connection is highly recommended to allow updates and added functionality.

Questions & Answers

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Jay Flight Simulator


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