KG-258 Horizon Gyro (As Removed)

Part No:

Manufacturer: BENDIXKING

*Unit is sold "As Removed" and working condition is unknown. No Warranty, Sale is Final.*


  • Panel mounted horizon gyro
  • Internal lighting
  • Contains an air-driven attitude reference indicator
  • Houses the attitude gyro and presents a pictorial display of the aircraft pitch and roll attitudes
  • Displays DH (decision height) annunciation when used with a radar altimeter
  • Versions available with 0° or 8° tilt
  • Used in KFC-200 Autopilot System



SIZE: 3.55" x 3.37" x 7.31" max WEIGHT: 3.1 lbs
MOUNTING: Front panel mounted with four #6 Flat Head screws MATING CONNECTOR:

KPN 030-1010-00 Hood KPN 030-2002-00 Connector Receiver KPN 030-1008-00 Lever & Pivot Assembly

POWER INPUTS:  +14VDC/0.16AMP max or +28VDC/0.08AMP max (lighting) 10VAC, 430Hz with .2 amp max SIGNAL INPUT: Power and Ground for DH light +14 or +28 Volt
SIGNAL OUTPUT: Attitude Reference Signals for the KC-295 Flight Computer: 50mV AC/Degrees, Roll and Pitch   

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