BendixKing Radio - KGX 150 ADS-B Solution

BendixKing Radio - KGX 150 ADS-B Solution

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Manufacturer: BENDIXKING

BendixKing Radio

Perfect for those aircraft not equipped with certified WAAS GPS, the KGX-150 UAT receivers and transceivers are remote-mount ADS-B solutions with built-in WAAS GPS-all in a light and compact package specifically for aircraft operating below 18,000ft. Once the units are installed and configured to your aircraft it starts outputting data as soon as power is applied. The KGX-130 can be paired with an optional Wi-Fi module that will send ADS-B weather and traffic wirelessly to an iPad or Android device.  

KGX 150 ADS-B Solution

The KGX 150 series of UAT transceivers and receivers offer an ADS-B OUT certified solution with an integrated WAAS GPS as well as the ADS-B IN features of Traffic and Weather along with optional wireless connectivity. The KGX 150 ADS-B Solution
offers the same capability for aircraft that already have a compatible ADS-B compliant WAAS GPS solution. 
Designed to maximize inside-the-cockpit configuration flexibility and outside-the-cockpit situational awareness, the KGX ADS-B wired and wireless solutions will integrate into your aircraft the way you want to fly it.  
BendixKing stands behind its promise and heritage to deliver reliable avionics systems and meet the pilots’ and aircraft owners’ needs with the KGX 150 and 130 ADS-B certified solutions.
The KGX Series offers outstanding value and flexible certified configurations and includes the following:

ADS-B IN* and ADS-B OUT capability
KGX 150 includes a high integrity WAAS GPS
Can be paired with existing Mode A/C transponders
Receive TIS-B and FIS-B uplinks** for traffic, graphical weather and other data
Display on compatible panel*** MFD or iPad via WiFi module [Option]
Compliant with FAA 2020 UAT mandate.
Compliance : DO–160G, DO-282B/TSO C154c, TSO-C157a, TSO-C195a, and TSO-145c (KGX 150 only)

*Receiver only model also available for pairing with 1090-ES MHz Mode S Transponders
**Software Application and Wifi Wireless option required for displaying on your iPad.  A TIS-B/FIS-B Traffic and Weather Application is available on iTunes for your iPad.
***See list of Compatible MFD Displays at

Technical Specifications

C157a (Class 1) Incomplete System C195a (Class C1)
C145c (B1) - P/ (KGX 150 only)
SOFTWARE           RTCA/DO-178B Level C
Power Required 10-40 VDC
Weight 0.86 lbs (364 g) [0.98 lbs (454 g) with internal GPS]
Width                   5.0 in (127 mm)
Height 1.7 in (43.18 mm)
Length 5.5 in (139.7 mm)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE         -55°C to +85°C
ALTITUDE 50,000 feet
POWER REQUIREMENTS 10 – 40 Volts DC, Typical 0.22 A (0.34 A with GPS) @ 28 VDC
Peak 0.72 A (0.84 A with GPS) @ 28 VDC
TRANSMITTER POWER 40 Watts max at antenna
RECEIVER SENSITIVITY                 -99 dBm

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