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The LC-40e Lighting Controllers are Low Cost Four-Channel Light Dimming Systems for Experimental Aircraft

The LC-40e is a low cost four channel light dimming system. Compact and modern, it features extra control knob sensitivity at dim end of the lighting range where it is needed most. It is microcontroller controlled and has continuous over voltage, current limit and fault protection. Each channel can handle 1.5 amps

The LC-40e comes in an anodized brushed aluminum chassis.Potentiometers included.
Bi-Linear Dimming Response

  • Less than Half the Price of other Comparable Systems
  • Four Independent Channels
  • 1.5 Amps per Channel (Typically up to18 Post Lights Per Channel)
  • Capable of Dimming LED Lighting
  • Low frequency PWM control eliminates bulky heatsinks
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • Compact Design (LC-40: 2.4”x1.8”, LC-40E: 2.5"x3.4") Mounts Easily
  • Microprocessor Control Allows Continuous Fault Monitoring and a "Bi-Linear" Response
  • "Bi-Linear" Response Gives the Pilot More Sensitivity at the Dim End of the Range Where it is Needed Most
  • "Master Bright" mode allows all or selected channels to be joined and controlled by a single knob
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