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Course Deviation Indicator: 2", GS/LOC, NAV, GPS, VLOC, with Resolver.

This indicator will fit the need of aircraft owners of LSA all the way up to business aircraft. The CDI allows for precise and accurate readings. Nav, GPS and VLOC annunciation aer built-in and backlit by LED lighting, providing enhanced nighttime and sunlight readability. The CDI has TSO approval from the FAA and will interface with most nav and GPS receivers.
    • Compact 2-inch size saves panel space
    • Precision replacement for older navigation indicators
    • Ideal for applications where space is limited or as a backup for glass panel displays
    • Rectilinear meter movements allow for more accurate readings
    • LED backlighting provides increased reliability and longer life
    • Built-in NAV, GPS and VLOC annunciators
    • Rugged construction includes ball bearings in critical areas
    • True course resolver output (1 volt, 30 Hz)
    • Quality Mil-Spec connectors included
    • FAA TSO certified for use with most GPS and VOR systems
    • Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas, USA
    • One-year limited warranty
    Power Input
    Accepts 11 to 32 volts DC, 0.3A max.

    Internal white LED.
    Lighting control voltage is selectable for 5, 14 or 28 VDC

    0.6 lbs.

    FAA TSO-C34e, -C36e, -C40c
    RTCA DO-192, -195, -196, -160E

    3.5 inches

    Temperature Range
    –30°C to +55°C (–22°F to 130°F)

    95% non-condensing

    –15,000 to +55,000 feet

    Cover Glass
    Special HEA (anti-reflective) coating

    25-pin male D-Sub (MD25M3S0V50)

    Mating Connector
    25-pin female D-Sub (MD25F3R4000 or equivalent)

    Index marks, text: white
    Glideslope, navigational pointers: white
    Bezel, dial background: black

    Operational Shock
    Rigid mounting, 6G operational, 15G crash safety

    NAV/GS Deviation
    Input impedance:
    Normal: 1k ohms ± 10%
    Max Operating Temp Range: 1k ohms ± 25%

    Deflection sensitivity*:
    Normal: 150 mV ± 10%
    Max Operating Temp Range: 150 mV ± 25%

    Valid NAV/GS Meter
    Input impedance:
    Normal: 1k ohms ± 10%
    Max Operating Temp Range: 1k ohms ± 25%

    Meter in view*:
    Normal: 260 mV ± 10%
    Max Operating Temp Range: 260 mV ± 25%

    To/From Annunciation
    Input impedance:
    Normal: 200 ohms ± 10%
    Max Operating Temp Range: 200 ohms ± 25%

    To or From in view*:
    Normal: ± 40 mV ± 15%
    Max Operating Temp Range: ± 40 mV ± 25%

    OBS Resolver
    Zeroed at:
    Normal: 300° ± 1° ORZ
    Max Operating Temp Range: 300° ± 2.5°

    *Input Range
    Common mode/reference 1 to 5 volts for signal inputs
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