PM1000 II 4-Place Panel Mount Intercom w/ Pilot Isolate & Jack Kit

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PM1000 II 4-Place Panel Mount Intercom w/ Pilot Isolate & Jack Kit

Perfect functionality and advanced technology combine to make the PM1000 II the pilot’s first choice for a 4 place intercom.

The 4 Place Intercom that Entertains Responsibly:

  • Keep control over the communications in your aircraft – the volume settings on the PM-1000 II are independent of the radio equipment volume levels
  • The 4 place intercom offers options of pilot isolate, crew isolate, and dual entertainment sources
  • Pilots can play music only to the passengers so they’re not disturbed by conversation in the cockpit
  • The PM-1000 II protects you from power failure through fail-safe wiring of the pilot’s headset to the aircraft
  • The innovative Soft Mute circuitry adjusts the volume of the music against radio reception and
  • transmission

Loads of Options for Pilots:

  • Other 4 place intercom models are available for environments with above-average noise levels
  • Use the optional digital recorder to record and store up to one minute of radio receptions
  • Use the continuous loop recorder to record and store up to 16 messages, and it won’t record any “dead air time”
  • Only the person who has pressed the PTT will have the ability to transmit over the radio, giving separate pilot and copilot transmit capabilities
  • You’ll be notified the PTT has been pressed by a red transmit light, which also serves as a "stuck-mic" indicator
  • Pilot isolate, crew isolate, and dual entertainment sources allow full flexibility, even giving pilots the option to feed monaural music to the passengers and allow them to chat among themselves without disturbing the front seats. (Note: crew isolate and dual music requires the 11920 model)
  • Soft Mute circuitry is our standard-setting solution for managing the music volume levels against radio reception and transmission.
  • Automatic fail-safe interconnect to the aircraft radio wires the pilot's headset to the aircraft radio in the event of disrupted power or related failure.
  • Separate pilot and copilot transmit capabilities ensures that only the person pressing the PTT will be heard over the radio. A red transmit light is illuminated when a PTT is pressed -- this also serves as a "stuck-mic" indicator.
  • Independent intercom volume settings do not affect radio equipment volume levels, allowing better control over communications.
  • An optional digital recorder can provide up to one minute of storage of radio receptions. A continuous loop recorder, it does not record "dead air time", giving the pilots an option to store up to 16 messages at any one time.
  • Dim: 3.0"w x 1.2"h x 5.5"d. Power: 11-32Vdc. Wt: 12 oz.
  • Input power: 13.8 - 27.5 Volts DC
  • Current Drain: < 250 mA (1 Amp Circuit breaker)
  • Headphone Impedance: 150-1000 ohms typical
  • Audio Distortion: <10% @ 75 mW into 150 Ω load
  • Aircraft Radio Impedance: 1000 Ω typical
  • 3 dB Mic Frequency Response: 350 Hz — 6000 Hz
  • 3 dB Music Frequency Response: 200 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Unit weight: 12 Ounces (0.342 kg)
  • (3.2 x 6.6 x 14 cm)
  • Environmental and technical qualifications: RTCA DO-160B/DO-170
  • Temperature -20ºC to +55ºC
  • Altitude 50,000 ft.
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