PMA6000B Audio Panel

PMA6000B Audio Panel

Audio Panel

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Manufacturer: PS ENGINEERING

PMA6000B 4 Place Intercom Aircraft Certified

PS Engineering has revolutionized audio control in general aviation airplanes. At that time, the original PMA6000 took the audio panel from a collection of switches added as an afterthought, to a multitalented intersystem focal point for cockpit audio. 

Radio selection, cockpit communications and even music were seamlessly combined in the modern audio control panel. The PMA6000-series set a benchmark for all GA audio panels that followed.

The next generation PMA6000B has been given the benefit of PS Engineering's 20+ years of audio panel control design and 35+ years manufacturing experiences. It offers a low cost alternative to the  more capable audio panel product line that the industry has become to expect from such a focused driven company. 

The PMA6000B combines an audio selector panel with a top-quality manually adjusted VOX intercom and a slew of features to enhance versatility and utility.

    Panel Mount Aircraft Intercom Features:

    • Uses a single 44-pin connector making installation easier.
    • Built-in 4 place mono intercom providing great cockpit communications.
    • The PMA6000B comes with or without a built-in marker beacon receiver.
    • Split mode allows the pilot and copilot to independently and simultaneously use both radios, even transmitting simultaneously on different frequencies.
    • Pilot and crew/passenger isolate functions are an integral part of the design.
      Dual mono music inputs for passengers and crew are standard features. · PSE's renowned Soft Mute technology gently and subtly ramps the music down when the conversation comes across either the intercom or the radio.
    • A patented "swap" function (Patent #5,903,227) allows pilots to use a yoke-mounted switch to select Com 1 and Com 2 options without reaching for the panel.
    • High-quality, single VOX manual control, voice-activated circuitry, and individual microphone channels form the heart of the intercom system.
    • Passengers have their own voice and audio amplifiers.
    • Backlit switches linked with a photosensor carefully calibrate panel lighting to cockpit levels for all situations.
    • The fail-safe feature automatically hard-wires the pilot to Com1 in the case of an outage.
    • Height: 1.3 in. (3.3 cm)

    • Width: 6.25 in. (16.9 cm)

    • Depth: 6.8 in. (17.3 cm)

    • Weight: (With Rack & Connectors) 1.5 Lb. (0.68 kg.)

    • Power Requirements: (Including Internal Lighting) Voltage (13.75 or 27.5 VDC*)

    • Maximum Current: 1 Amp (Externally protected by a 2 Amp circuit breaker).

    • Typical Operating Current: (speaker off: 350 Ma / speaker on: 600 mA)

      *27.5 VDC requires 15W dropping resistor (included).

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