Pulsar NSP - Nav/Strobe/Position Lights

Part No: 11-1280-C-12

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Certification: Certified TSO
Voltage: 14V

Pulsar NSP

Pulsar NSP is part of our Pulsar N Series™ LED Navigation Lights.  Pulsar NSP serves as a three-in-one light—a navigation light for directional red and green positioning, a strobe light that increases visibility in both daylight and night, and rear-facing white position light.

Nav/Strobe/Position Lights

Designed with an industry-standard mounting footprint, an aerodynamically low drag profile, standard three-position mounting screw pattern with a patented mounting bracket, they are ideal for replacing legacy light installations.


The lights meet or exceed TSO C-30c, Type I, II and III, and C-96a, Class II.

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