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RC Allen RCA2610-3P

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RC Allen RCA2610-3P

The RCA2610 is the updated version of RC Allen's popular RCA2600 Electric Digital Attitude Indicator. The new version has the same form, fit, and function of the original but has dual processors, an improved screen and updated software. Now includes a display that comes standard with Digital Slip Indicator and Rate of Turn Indicator.

The RCA2610-P Pitot-Static is the newest addition to RC Allen's Digital Attitude Indicator lineup. The original RCA2610 uses mathematical algorithms to calculate airspeed which is perfect for most small aircraft. The addition of the Pitot-Static input, gives the RCA2610-P more precise speed information for greater accuracy and stability in faster, high performance aircraft.

The Pitch Sync feature allows pilots to instantly synchronize the airplane symbol to the horizon line when flying in a pitch up or pitch down attitude. The RCA2610-G version is also available, which comes without the Pitch Sync feature. This functions like the original model with the brightness controls only.

The RCA2610 is totally self-contained and has no mechanical gyro or special external connections. The screens are highly visible and have adjustable brightness controls. Performance characteristics in-clude full 360 degrees of roll and pitch with a settling error of 1 degree maximum. With no moving parts, the RCA2610 will have a longer lifespan than traditional gyroscopic instruments.

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